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Well, folks, I’ve got some big news.

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April 26, 2009 Matt & Heather

Friday on Twitter I said that I was doing a photo shoot that had lots of “feeling” but would never be seen by my client. Curious?

On Friday, the day before Matt & Heather’s wedding, I met them at Heather’s home for a special shoot. Matt is blind and would not be able to see Heather on their wedding so Heather had arranged for him to come and feel and experience all the details of the day – her dress, her jewelery, her flowers, her hairpiece and more. She carefully lead his fingers explaining each detail and it’s significance. Matt kept saying “you are going to look so beautiful”. It was touching to watch to say the least!

At the reception last night, Matt’s mom said a few things in her speech that stood out
to me. When Matt was young, a curious child on the playground asked him “What are eyes for?” as they looked at his unique eyes. Matt’s reply was typical to his great sense of humour…. “Yours are for seeing. Mine are for decoration” he replied.

Matt’s parent’s speech told of how when their son was born at just over 1pound they prayed that some day God would bring a young woman who could see past his physical disabilities to the man of faith, integrity and awesome personality Matt is. Enter Heather. It is beautiful to watch these two together!

Matt’s mom also told the story of how when Matt took his first steps at age 5, his response was “Let’s stop and pray”. And his prayer was simply this “Jesus, thank you that when I let go of mom’s hands, you were there holding me”. As Matt leaves home to be with his wife and start this new adventure, those same words he prayed all those years ago ring true today… “Jesus, thank you that when I let go of mom’s hands, you are there holding me”

Here is a photo of Matt during the shoot on Friday where he experienced the dress and details of the wedding…

matt Matt & Heather

Yesterday, after the ceremony we went to Matt and Heather’s high school where they had met. These photos in the cafeteria are where they first met and where soon came to be “their table”.

IMG 3649 Matt & Heather

IMG 3739 Matt & Heather

Without further ado, here are a few images of the Big Day!

Celebrating life and love,


April 24, 2009 "It" Girl votes

Recently I blogged about photographing Irena… now it’s time for your involvement! If you can take a second and vote for her she’d really appreciate it! Honestly folks, this gal is gorgeous inside and out!

poster "It" Girl votes

LOU LOU Magazine’s “IT GIRL” Contest starts at noon on Friday, April 24 and runs until May 21. Each person is allowed to vote ONCE PER DAY!

Irena was selected as one of 15 finalists from over 3,500 entries in this Canada-wide contest. Irena’s video and a new photo of her will be posted each week.
Each week, the girls with the least number of votes will be eliminated until 4 girls remain. The 4 girls with the highest number of votes will each receive a $3,500 shopping card and a photo shoot for LOU LOU Magazine in Montreal!
Vote for Irena online HERE.
Spread the word… each vote is entered into a weekly voter draw for a $125 Gift Card for SMART SET.

I know she appreciates your support!

April 22, 2009 Tearjerkers

So, the other day I decided to check out what all this hype is about regarding Susan Boyle. Well, I was a blubbering mess… I just loved LOVED how despite of the laughing and jeers she proved them all wrong. Yay!!! If you haven’t seen the clip yet – watch this – and make sure to watch Simon at the 4minute mark. Best part – he’s totally smitten!


And she sang from my favourite musical of all time – yay!

So I called my girls in to watch it and explain why this is so powerful. I watched with them and bawled again. I told them I was crying because it was so “nice”. (I also tend to cry at any standing ovation).

Fast forward a few days. Last night I was telling the girls that on Sunday we’re going to my nephew’s baby dedication. I said, it’ll be really nice. To which Madi replied… “oh no! You’re not going to cry again are you?”

Celebrating life and love,


April 21, 2009 Kathy's girl

One of the many, many things I love about my job is the great friends I have been fortunate to make. Late last year, Kathy, Nataschia and I started meeting on a monthly basis for coffee – to gab about life, business, kids, inspiration and just to laugh! This is something we try to encourage all the gals at Chick Clicks to do – find one or two photographers that you can meet with on a regular basis.

On our very first meeting – none of us knew each other that well yet – as we stood in line at the coffee shop I casually asked Kathy how she’s doing. “I’m pregnant.” She was still in shock as Kathy has two young sons already and never thought she’d have a girl.

Fast forward nine months and it is now the day little Emma is scheduled to come into this world (oh the beauty of modern medicine – to know the gender and the day!). The three of us have come a long way in our friendship from not knowing each other very well over that first cup of java to now.

On Friday we decided Kathy needed a pedicure… and then when she has the baby she will be able to see her toes again in all their painted glory. We enjoyed a pedicure and lunch on the patio in the first really warm day of hopefully many.

Kathy – I can’t wait to meet little Emma. You, if anyone, needs a little girl to shop with! Praying a safe arrival to your and Rick’s arms!

As we got our pedicures done we read trashy magazines… and we all got a laugh out of this page Nataschia randomly opened the magazine to…

IMG 2023 Kathy's girl

“My what pretty toes you have, my dear”
IMG 2040 Kathy's girl

And here is the gorgeous Miss Kathy…

IMG 2039 Kathy's girl

IMG 2035 Kathy's girl

And this photo just makes me laugh. Three photographers… and this is what we get in our attempt at a self portrait. ha ha!!!

IMG 2043 Kathy's girl

Celebrating life, love… and Emma!


April 20, 2009 Glen & Krista

For each wedding I’m taking one photo to share a story about – I had to pick one to do with music!! Glen and Krista have a love not only for each other, but also a shared passion for music. Glen composes music for TV among other things (including the Oprah show), Krista is a high school music teacher, choir director for an award winning choir and pianist for The Canadian Orpheus Male choir. Music was everywhere in their wedding yesterday – both the youth choir Krista directs, and the men’s choir she plays for performed at the ceremony. They gave out CDs of music with songs that had significance (including a few they had written together and individually!). The wedding party was filled with talented musicians – the maid of honour is a professional singer (and her and Krista have released a CD together), the best man is a member of the Blue Man group from Vegas and one of the groomsmen is a band member of We Will Rock You in Toronto. And at the reception Glen got a standing ovation for the beautiful song he wrote and performed for Krista. I love when a couple’s interests are tied into the wedding plans! These two compose music together (literally and figuratively) and I just have this great mental image of the Glen and Krista VonTrapp family… please tell me you sing and play music all day long together!

templatefunhori 1 Glen & Krista

As I blogged about in Glen & Krista’s engagement session (LINK) these two have this amazing connection. They had me choked up on our first meeting, and the tears flowed yesterday at their wedding again. The way they look at each other, care for each other and love – is powerful. I picked just a few photos to feature – then watch the slideshow for loads of goodies – that showcase the connection just in eye contact with these two.

Glens first view of his stunning bride

glen 27 Glen & Krista

And then he couldn’t take his eyes off of her! (do you blame him?)

glen 34 Glen & Krista

But don’t worry Glen – the feeling is mutual!

glen 52 Glen & Krista

ContactSheet 001 25 Glen & Krista

Love these sneaked looks during the reception at Queen’s Landing in Niagara-on-the-Lake

glen 107 Glen & Krista

glen 112 Glen & Krista

And the first dance

glen 133 Glen & Krista

And here is a slideshow of some of the images of the day… the music is Krista performing (Krista the bride – not me. I only wish. Sigh….)

If you are friend or family of the couple and want to be notified of when their photos are ready to view and order – please go HERE and enter your email address!

Celebrating life and love,


April 17, 2009 Sisters

Like most sisters, my girls have a love-hate relationship. Take the other day for example… they’re in the tub and fighting like cats and dogs. Not even five minutes later I hear:

“I love you”
“I love you too”
“I can’t wait for ‘Sister Day’ because you’re the best sister”

And so on. Am I hearing things? They were just battling out World War 3 and now they’re confessing their undying love? Sisters.

So back to “Sister Day” – this intrigued me. They figured since there is a Mother’s and Father’s Day there should also be a Sister’s Day. Sounds good to me! I popped my sister a line to see if she’s game and I think the four of us will go out soon to celebrate Sisterhood – yee haw!

One thing I love about sisters is how very different they can be, but how much alike at the same time. My sister and I could not be more opposite – she’s short and fit and well… I’m not. She’s uber organized and well… I’m not. She’s the one in the kitchen at family functions doing dishes, I’m the one pretending my bladder is full to get out of doing dishes. But my sister is the best support and cheerleader I’ve got. She’s amazing. Yay Marcie! If you know her at all – you know she’s amazing.

In the eternal words of my Grandma “enough mush already”.

Today as my girls got themselves dressed for school they were in “best friend” mode (rather than “combat”). As they walked out the front door with their arms around each other I had to laugh. Their personalities and differences could not be more evident than their clothing choices today!

Madi had on a jean jacket, an old favourite t-shirt, UGGs and her tight skinny jeans. She wanted to look like a teenager or a rock star (in her mind they are one and the same).

Eden had on a red ball gown, gold full length gloves to her elbows, striped purple tights and gold shoes.

When they got home from school I had to take a couple photos! Some of the accessories had been discarded… but I think you get the idea….

This one cracks me up. I had just pulled the camera out and as I brought it up to my face I asked Madi to put down her books. Caught the rolling her eyes at mom look.

IMG 1937 Sisters

I love these next two photos – even though the REAL story is Eden was trying to pester Madi and was smothering her and driving Madi crazy.

IMG 1940 Sisters

IMG 1942 Sisters

Back to playing…

IMG 1950 Sisters

Being a younger sister I know one thing for sure… as much as us younger sisters drive our older sisters insane… you just got to love us!

IMG 1953 Sisters

IMG 1955 1 Sisters

IMG 1975 Sisters

What a pair!!!

IMG 1968 Sisters

Celebrating life and love,


April 15, 2009 Easter Weekend

Easter has now been declared my girl’s favourite celebration. Although I did get tired of explaining that Jesus does not die and raise again every single year on Easter (just like we’re not born every year on our birthday).

I lvoe traditions… and our family’s tradition is to colour eggs Saturday night and on Sunday morning the Easter bunny has hidden them! Mark grew up hunting for the chocolate eggs, I grew up hunting for the real eggs we had coloured – so our girls hunt for both!

Another Easter tradition I had growing up was a new dress! And so every Easter I love to go and pick out a new Spring dress for the munchkins! Here’s the little beauties this year….

ContactSheet 001 24 Easter Weekend

We went out to my parent’s church in the morning and then had lunch there… here are a few of the girls enjoying the great outdoors!

My fave – the three musketeers – Madi, Eden and their cousin Hannah…

IMG 1899 1 Easter Weekend

IMG 1907 Easter Weekend

IMG 1917 Easter Weekend

Celebrating life and love…


April 12, 2009 Happy Easter!

Thought I’d share my girl’s Easter Bunny letters….

“Dear Easter Bunny,

I am so excited for finding the eggs. Please inside of the plastic eggs give me a baby bird. I have a question, Easter Bunny. Will you be giving us a toy or chocolate like all Easters?

I am six now. Eden is four now.

Love Madi

P.S. Do you really work at a factory?”

[Asked Madi why she thinks the Easter Bunny works at a factory - and she said "Everyone knows he works at a choicolate factory."]
“Dear Easter Bunny,

I hope you will bring me chocolate eggs and I hope you will give me a baby bird for my birthday. You’re invited to my birthday party. I want to marry you.

From Eden”

[Should mention Eden's birthday isn't until July 20!].
The kids started begging to go to bed at 5pm so the Easter Bunny could come. Eden went to bed singing “I’m marrying the Easter Bunny”. They kept yelling to Mark and I to get to bed so the Easter Bunny could come. Way too funny!

April 10, 2009 "It" Girl

Yesterday I was at a seminar all day by the wonderful Becker and I got an email from Marky Mark. One of Mark’s co-workers had a niece who is one of the finalists from Smart Set’s “It Girl” featured in LouLou magazine. She just found out she’s in the running… and has to have the photos to them pronto. And she is a university student, and it’s Easter and she has family commitments and she needs photos of her in 4 looks from the store, taken in the store by Monday (oh – did I mention she has an exam on Monday?)!

I am all about shooting relationships – connections between people… love…. but I like a challenge. Keeps me fresh and the creativity alive! So I said “sure!” It was so much fun to have full rein over the store (awesome staff!), all their clothes and accessories and a gorgeous model!

So in a few days I’ll post the link for you to vote for Irena. Because – well…. no one can beat her. Not only is she stunning but she is an absolute sweetheart!

And without further ado… here’s Irena!

IMG 1641 "It" Girl

IMG 1625 "It" Girl

ContactSheet 00a1 "It" Girl

Irena is passionate about ballet – and so for this look she wanted to bring some of herself into the photo – notice the toes!

IMG 1735 "It" Girl

IMG 1751 "It" Girl

IMG 1826 1 "It" Girl

IMG 1787 "It" Girl

IMG 1857 "It" Girl

aIMG 1870 "It" Girl

IMG 1903 "It" Girl

IMG 1825 "It" Girl

IMG 1918 "It" Girl

Celebrating life and love,