March 31, 2009 Water Only

A couple of years ago, I read Madi the information about the child we support through World Vision and she was appalled (at age 4) to hear that there are people in the world without clean water. Immediately she wanted to do something – and started to sell bottles of water to raise money for “Saudi” to have clean water (the much shortened nickname of our World Vision child). We didn’t keep the blog up but you can see some of it here – LINK

I don’t know when we lose the feeling of shock when we hear things like people do not have clean water. I find I learn so much through my children – and one thing Madi has taught me is to feel deeply and the beautiful empathy she extends.

So, off the topic for a moment (it ties in!) the other day I proposed the idea to my family that for the month of April we go TV free and internet free (for games and just randomly surfing the net). We have never been big TV watchers or played a lot of games, but slowly we’ve started watching more and more… Suddenly whenever Mark and I have a night home together instead of playing a game or talking, we’re watching a movie. Or the girls will be home and instead of employing their incredible imaginations they’re playing a computer game. So today is our last day – still have to figure out the ground rules for this trial!

As I posted this computer/TV free idea on Twitter and Facebook, I had an interesting comment from Cait. Cait, a friend and her fiancee are drinking only water for 40 days starting April 1st for as a fundraiser for blood water mission . So at supper last night I told my family about what Cait was doing and everyone wanted to do it also! We explained to the kids that meant no juice boxes in their lunch, no punch at Easter dinner, no chocolate milk… and still they agreed. We agreed to do it for one month – for one month we would only drink water and will save the money from what we would have spent on drinks.

To be honest, I think I’ll have the hardest time. I can not make it to 10am without a Diet Coke. Now to make it a month?

So – April I may be a bit grouchy as I face TV/Internet days with only water to drink. Or, and this is my hope, I may find a new zest for life!

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