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March 6, 2009 Story teller

Last night we had a couple of friends over – and we got to telling stories… stories of my cooking experiences (housecoat on fire making KD, blowing up a Corningware dish I thought you could use on the stove, random stories involving flames…), stories of Mark and my travel experiences and just life stories. We were all laughing and it was great to reminisce. At one point, Melissa said “you guys have the best stories!”

Her offhand comment about stories got me thinking as I fell asleep. I don’t think it’s we have the “best stories” but we embrace stories. I remember growing up anytime anything bad would happen, my mom would say “this will make a great story!”

As a kid I loved, loved, loved when mom and dad would tell stories about when they were young. They both grew up in rural areas and so they could tell tales of taking a horse and buggy to school, when the first TV came to their community, ice boxes, and more. They also had incredible stories of the mischief they got into – but mom tried to get dad not to tell us these stories – ha ha!

And then with so many pilots in my family – there are great stories of bush piloting, planes going down, water bombing and more. I loved hearing the stories of my parents and Grandpa’s adventures.

And on Wednesday when we were stuck in a layover at the Charlotte airport, Mark and I had the girls squealing with laughter as we told them story upon story of when they were babies and toddlers. They are always begging for more… “tell me the story about how I use to eat dog food”, “Tell me the story about when I came home from the hospital”, “Tell me the story…”

I’ve also come to realize my family is not so good at fact telling though. When asked about a trip – we might not remember the name of the hotel we stayed at, or how much we paid for something… but you better believe we have a hilarious tale about losing our luggage or the cab driver who fell asleep at each red light.

And I think this is true in my photography. I aim to tell the story – not the facts. I want my clients, my family, my daughters, myself! to look back at the photos I take and remember the story of their life – not the facts!

The other day at supper Eden said she was not hungry. Mark told her to finish her supper. My lovely 4 year old said (I kid you not!) “Only gluttons eat when not hungry.”

March 5, 2009 Tweet Tweet

So I’ve been gone from home nearly a month… and what is the very first thing I do when I get home? Sign up for Twitter. Not sure why… maybe because I’m trying to procrastinate on cleaning and unpacking….

Anyhow, I’m VERY new to the Twitter phenomenon. If you’re on there and can give me tips – that would be super appreciated! And is it like Facebook where we “add” each other? Still figuring it all out! All I know is – I’m HERE! tweet tweet!

March 4, 2009 Happy Birthday!

Today is my sister Marcie’s birthday – yay!!! Marcie is an absolute saint and spoils the girls, Mark and I sooooo much! And here it is her birthday and ALL of us are in Florida (my brother’s family is at Disney t his week, my parents are visiting friends and doing a couple day’s of babysitting for my brother, and we’re here too!) and not celebrating her as she so deserves. So… let me give her a shout out here! Happy Birthday to my favourite little older sister!!

IMG 0049 Happy Birthday!

IMG 0047 Happy Birthday!

IMG 0026 Happy Birthday!

A year and a half ago my life changed forever when my family grew by one more. No – I do not have a baby I have neglected to mention… but I do have a 19 year old.

You see… I met Beth through Facebook of all places! We have a mutual friend who knew Beth was loving photography in highschool (she had just graduated) and so she “introduced” us on Facebook. I looked through Beth’s work and was blown away by what this girl was doing – and she was only 17! But what struck me more was her passion to learn and to excel – she wasn’t (and still is not) satisfied with mediocre – she aims to be the best.

So, when an assistant fell through at the last minute – I asked Beth if she’d like to assist me at a wedding. And then another wedding. And then to give me a hand with editing. And then… it just snowballed. Soon Beth and I were not only connected through photography – but somehow through all this she became part of our family. Our girls refer to her as their older sister. Beth has a key to our house and it would not be uncommon to find her at home when I would return there. Beth and I could talk into the wee hours about photography, boys, dreams, faith, life…

And then when we changed from “Krista Jefferson Photography” to “Edison Photography” we gave Beth her own division. She would do just fashion and music photography – and I would do family and weddings.

Sometimes Beth has referred to me as her “photography mom”. And just as I had to walk my girls to school on their first day of kindergarten and let go of their hand and watch them walk through those doors on their own journey… now I am doing this for my Beth as well.

I could not be more proud of my Beth. Her photography skills have continued to impress and astound me. Her passion only seems to grow.

So, without further ado – let me introduce the world to my Beth… but folks, my baby girl is all grown up now and is no longer Beth Smith. Let me introduce you to the one and only….

Elizabeth Kaye!!!

Yes, Beth is going out on her own. She will still be focusing solely on fashion and music photography as this is her love. I will still be focusing on family and weddings as this is my love. Only difference is – she will be doing so for her own company now.

Beth – I adore you. And as I so often tell you. I am so proud of you. You have enriched my life and challenged me to grow in my skills and to live life to the fullest. We have laughed, fought, cried, and dreamed together… and I can’t wait to continue to do so!

So… go check out my girl’s site!!

March 1, 2009 Cruising…

So for the last week I’ve been on a cruise with my side of the family… an amazingly generous once in a lifetime Christmas gift from my parents. It was a great time of relaxing and connecting as a family. I’m in Florida for a few more days visiting family and enjoying the sun before we go back to reality! Here’s just a few photos…

Yes, we’re “that” family…. my mom had t-shirts made up for all of us with our family name on it and the cruise dates. And yes, she did sew us matching outfits as kids (and I do the same – ha ha). Here’s the gang of us – from Left to Right….

-My brother Dave who I fought with my entire childhood and my mom feared we would grow up to hate each other… but who I now get along with. Miracles never cease.
-Cohen – my two year old nephew
-Melissa – my lovely sister-in-law who deserved this trip probably more than any of us! 4 kids and my brother – she’s a saint
-Kirsten – my 13 year old niece who went from ragamuffin princess (the sparklier the better as her fashion motto for years) to babe overnight it seems
-Mom – she’s crazy and can make anyone laugh! The type of person you meet once and you feel like she knows and loves you – because she does!
-Eden – my nutty 4 year old
-Hannah – my 8 year old niece and hero to my children
-Madison – my hilarious 6 year old
-Mark – my favourite boy who I still am in awe how he puts up with me!
-Dad – you can not find a more doting Grandpa… nice for him to have time away from the airplane he is building to be with the grandkids he adores
-Yours truly
-Marcie – my older, little sister – she is the best sister ever and spoils me and the kids so much!
IMG 9861 Cruising...

Our home away from home….

IMG 0180 Cruising...

First night on the cruise – Eden won best girl dancer. That’s right! Got her moves from her mom (ha ha ha ha)

ContactSheet 001D Cruising...

Madi admiring the beach in Grand Cayman. I went to Grand Cayman with my family when I was about Madi’s age and no beach has ever compared since – it was wonderful to return again after all these years!

IMG 0112 1 Cruising...

That’s it for now – if you’ve got me as your friend on Facebook (and if you haven’t – why not?) you can see heaps more!

Following my last post – here’s Two Things to Know….

1) I’m itchy as I type from a sunburn wanting to peel – boooo.
2) I’m happy to have had time to read two books – one great one so-so and I’m about to start another one now….

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