March 30, 2009 My baby girl…

I cry at pretty much every single wedding. And the thing that gets me every time is the relationship between parent and child… more specifically mom and daughter. I remember one wedding where the mom got up to make her speech, looked at the bride and said in a hushed voice, “Oh my baby girl…” I lost it. (Fortunately I’ve learned to shoot through the tears!)

As a mom of two young girls, I catch glimpses of what I want twenty some odd years from now. A big part of my job is observing… so when I get the opportunity to witness mothers and daughters who have made the move from family to friends or who take time to speak words of love and support into each other’s lives or who simply “get” each other… well, it’s beautiful.

This weekend I had a great assignment! I photographed Bryce’s tux fitting – along with his groomsmen and the males in the family. And then I went to Katie’s wedding dress fitting with the girls of the wedding. I can’t post these photos as I don’t want Bryce or Katie to see any glimpses before their Big Day in June… but I want to tell you it was an amazing experience! I loved being able to get to know their tight group of loved ones before the wedding. And to see how everyone interacts and… so fun!

But what really did it for me was when Katie walked out of the change room in her gown. Now, I have met Katie on one other occasion and she’s great. But I was not prepared to be moved emotionally by the transformation from jeans to princess.

When she stepped out, and I looked over at mom… you guessed it. I started to cry. Mom started crying while beaming at the same time. I can only imagine the mix of emotions – the joy, the realization your baby girl is in fact grown up, the pride… mom’s reaction was beautiful. I loved seeing them hold hands and just share in the moment.

I had to tell you about my weekend experience – I’ll post photos from the shoot when they’re wedding arrives in June!

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