March 12, 2009 Cancer Sucks Part 2

So my last post (Cancer Sucks) has had lots of feedback – thank you for all the emails, messages and kind words. That means so much to all of us! Seriously! It has been so cool to see my parent’s church support them too – my dad has had a team of people volunteer to drive him in each day (it’s an hour drive each way for his ten minute radiation treatment)…. I think he’s secretly hoping to mooch some free lunch off the volunteers.

Just to update you – dad is fine. Actually – mom has been feeling sick, she says it’s like when men have sympathy labour pains for women. I tell her she’s just trying to make sure dad doesn’t get all the attention. But seriously, he hasn’t felt any side effects yet and is still going strong! He popped in for a visit today – wearing his CANCER SUCKS shirt (remember – you can buy one for yourself. All proceeds go to the Cancer Society!! I’ve had lots of people saying they would love one – not realizing they’re available for sale).

Anywho – here’s a couple pics of the old guy…. got to love him.

IMG 0540 1 Cancer Sucks Part 2

ContactSheet 001 18 Cancer Sucks Part 2

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