March 10, 2009 Cancer Sucks

Just before Christmas I got a call from my mom that they had found that dad has the “c” word. You say “cancer” and people freak. I’ll admit – I bawled (in front of my kids and then tried to assure them everything was good – rookie move). My sister works at the cancer clinic in KW and my hubby is a “male nurse” as we affectionately call him, so they explained to me that dad’s in a good spot – he has prostate cancer but because he has a family history he is checked regularly and it was caught early. Prostate cancer is also the most treatable cancer if detected early. So – update is we’re not panicing, and dad’s going to be good.

If you’re a close friend and you’re wondering why you’re just hearing about this – well, at first dad didn’t really want people knowing. I mean we have story upon story of dad crash landing his planes, being mugged in foreign countries and so on – and never telling anyone or making a big deal out of it because someone may worry. But – he married my mother. ha ha. If you know her – enough said. Mom is like me – an open book. So, now everyone knows!

Today dad started his radiation treatments. Thing he’s most bummed about is having to drive into town (an hour each way) for radiation when he could be working on the airplane he’s building. Typical of my dad.

But cancer does suck. I don’t know anyone who has not been touched by cancer in some way. We’re feeling blessed that we caught this early – but we have heard so many tales of people who were not so fortunate. And as a member of Smiling Eyes, I have had the opportunity to document the journeys of people as they face cancer head on.

My family faces everything with a healthy dose of faith and humour. We’re blessed to have churches and friends who support us. We’re also blessed to be able to laugh through adversity – and so, we had these shirts made up for dad and the rest of us that simply say “Cancer sucks”.

When I mentioned this on Facebook in my status the other day I had a few requests from people who wanted to buy a “Cancer Sucks” shirt also. So… here’s your chance. I’m just getting set up a spot (check back in an hour) where you can purchase your own shirt – got to say, it’s sure a conversation starter. I will be making ZERO profit off of the shirts – all proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. I’ll be selling these for the month of March and will ship out at the end of March when all orders are compiled.

Here’s my fancy glamour shot… ha ha… maybe I’ll get a better shot – where I brush my hair!

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