February 17, 2009 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Friday and Saturday we were in the “Business Institute” at WPPI. One of my favourite photographers – Yervant – kicked it off Friday night and then Saturday was packed with great speakers!

Saturday was Valentine’s Day – so sad to be away from Mark and the girls! Mark surprised me by having sent a card and chocolates with Sandra. I cried….

Back to Vegas… not thinking about the family and how I miss them… sigh. Saturday night we met up with my Facebook friend Rachel Peters from PEI – we’ve chatted so long so great to finally meet in person! And since she was my Valentine’s date – she brought me sweets – so thoughtful! She is amazing! Here we are at the Grand Lux in the Venetian – from Left to Right: Sandra, Maggie, Rachel, Nataschia and myself. Rockie Lee was also with us but he took the photo and isn’t in it – boooo. Love Rockie and was so fun to connect again!

 0440 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Nataschia and I walked back from the Venetian to the MGM – the entire length of the strip practically! We had so much fun seeing the strange wild sights and people – you only see in Vegas!

Here we are in the Venetian hotel – I love wandering around this hotel!!

 0454 Vegas Trip Part # 2

ContactSheet 002 12 Vegas Trip Part # 2

ContactSheet 001 15 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Even in the driveway is stunning!

 0469 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Apparently in Vegas the girls leave their pants at home. Maybe this is showing my age but man! Those dresses should be shirts not skirts!

 0476 Vegas Trip Part # 2

 0480 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Could you imagine getting a tattoo while the whole world walked by? ewwwww……

 0484 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Beer on the street everywhere….

 0485 Vegas Trip Part # 2

The fountain show at the Bellagio is so amazing to watch!

 0502 Vegas Trip Part # 2

 0503 Vegas Trip Part # 2

And what is a trip to Vegas without Elvis!!!

 0566 Vegas Trip Part # 2

 0570 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Celebrating life and love… in Vegas!


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