February 19, 2009 Two Things

I am just home from Vegas where I have been at WPPI – an amazing week of learning so much about photography and being inspired! And now I’m going to share a few “two things”…..

Two Things You Should Know….

1) I came home from Vegas today
2) I leave on vacation tomorrow!

Two Things I Have Missed While In Vegas….

1) Madison (this is her in her hat she made for the school’s “100 Day” celebration – she glued on 100 pom poms).

IMG 0226 Two Things

2) Eden – she has a style all of her own. This is her favourite way to wear her winter coat – backwards.

IMGk 1153 Two Things

(I’m going to pick them up from school as soon as I’m done typing this!)

Two Things I love about my Hubby

1) He has supper in the crock pot so I don’t have too spend my first night home cooking!
2) He cleaned the house – yay!

Two Things I will miss immensely from Vegas….

1) Sandra
2) Nataschia

IMG 9765 Two Things

IMG 9801 Two Things

Two Things I hope to always do in Edison…

1) Celebrate life

2) Celebrate love

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