Well folks – tomorrow bright and early – well, early not bright – I’m out of here! Making the annual trek to Las Vegas tomorrow for the WPPI conference. WPPI is the biggest, the best, the most highly anticipated… you get the picture… photo conference. I love going – it’s perfect for inspiring me to dream and set goals for the upcoming season, to connect with many, many other photographers and to have fun! I’ll be posting while away about my adventures – woo hoo!! You can still reach me by phone or email while away!!

So tonight I cried when I tucked the girls into bed. I hugged Mark good night way too tight – I don’t think choking sounds are a good response to a hug. ha ha. I’m super glum about leaving the gang but excited for the next week’s adventure!

And…. in other news… today was a big day!!! My good friend Sandra and I launched “Chick Clicks” – a community for women photographers! So, if you are a chick who clicks and has a business… check out www.chickclicks.ca! I love that there is such a sense of community and helping each other out among photographers. It’s beautiful.

It’s late – I’m leaving wayyyy too early. Viva Las Vegas!!!

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