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My family and I are heading out on vacation – can’t wait! Although I was just in Vegas…. I need a break and time to re-connect with the family! Can’t wait! If I can post photos along the way I’ll be sure to do so!

If you’re looking for me this is where I’ll be…

CarnFreedom7 752349 Beating the February Blues

CarnFreedom6 724941 Beating the February Blues

Celebrating life and love,


February 19, 2009 Two Things

I am just home from Vegas where I have been at WPPI – an amazing week of learning so much about photography and being inspired! And now I’m going to share a few “two things”…..

Two Things You Should Know….

1) I came home from Vegas today
2) I leave on vacation tomorrow!

Two Things I Have Missed While In Vegas….

1) Madison (this is her in her hat she made for the school’s “100 Day” celebration – she glued on 100 pom poms).

IMG 0226 Two Things

2) Eden – she has a style all of her own. This is her favourite way to wear her winter coat – backwards.

IMGk 1153 Two Things

(I’m going to pick them up from school as soon as I’m done typing this!)

Two Things I love about my Hubby

1) He has supper in the crock pot so I don’t have too spend my first night home cooking!
2) He cleaned the house – yay!

Two Things I will miss immensely from Vegas….

1) Sandra
2) Nataschia

IMG 9765 Two Things

IMG 9801 Two Things

Two Things I hope to always do in Edison…

1) Celebrate life

2) Celebrate love

February 17, 2009 Vegas Trip Part # 3

While at teh Venetian on Saturday night, we were standing in the lobby gabbing when the cutest boy EVER walked by with his mom – and being moms missing our kids, we all started talking to him and enjoying having a kid around! His mom is stunningly beautiful, and so since we were planning to go shooting on Sunday for fun – we thought why not see if they’d like to come model and were soooooooo thrilled when they said yes! So Sunday morning out we went to Freemount East to shoot this gorgeous family!

So – here we are on Freemount Street as we wait for them to arrive….

Our new best friend Michael the security guard

 0584 Vegas Trip Part # 3

Some of the Neon Museum pieces….

 0593 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0589 Vegas Trip Part # 3

Lots of drunk guys at 9am…

 0606 Vegas Trip Part # 3

And some of sweet Nataschia….

 0611 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0618 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0646 Vegas Trip Part # 3

And let me introduce you to this gorgeous family…

 0697 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0753 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0759 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0766 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0775 Vegas Trip Part # 3

ContactSheet 00a2 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0798 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0799 Vegas Trip Part # 3

ContactSheet 001 16 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0684 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0671 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0686 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0714 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0742 Vegas Trip Part # 3

ContactSheet 002 13 Vegas Trip Part # 3

ContactSheet 001j Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0835 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0824 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0829 Vegas Trip Part # 3

 0785 Vegas Trip Part # 3

Celebrating life and love… in Vegas!


February 17, 2009 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Friday and Saturday we were in the “Business Institute” at WPPI. One of my favourite photographers – Yervant – kicked it off Friday night and then Saturday was packed with great speakers!

Saturday was Valentine’s Day – so sad to be away from Mark and the girls! Mark surprised me by having sent a card and chocolates with Sandra. I cried….

Back to Vegas… not thinking about the family and how I miss them… sigh. Saturday night we met up with my Facebook friend Rachel Peters from PEI – we’ve chatted so long so great to finally meet in person! And since she was my Valentine’s date – she brought me sweets – so thoughtful! She is amazing! Here we are at the Grand Lux in the Venetian – from Left to Right: Sandra, Maggie, Rachel, Nataschia and myself. Rockie Lee was also with us but he took the photo and isn’t in it – boooo. Love Rockie and was so fun to connect again!

 0440 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Nataschia and I walked back from the Venetian to the MGM – the entire length of the strip practically! We had so much fun seeing the strange wild sights and people – you only see in Vegas!

Here we are in the Venetian hotel – I love wandering around this hotel!!

 0454 Vegas Trip Part # 2

ContactSheet 002 12 Vegas Trip Part # 2

ContactSheet 001 15 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Even in the driveway is stunning!

 0469 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Apparently in Vegas the girls leave their pants at home. Maybe this is showing my age but man! Those dresses should be shirts not skirts!

 0476 Vegas Trip Part # 2

 0480 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Could you imagine getting a tattoo while the whole world walked by? ewwwww……

 0484 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Beer on the street everywhere….

 0485 Vegas Trip Part # 2

The fountain show at the Bellagio is so amazing to watch!

 0502 Vegas Trip Part # 2

 0503 Vegas Trip Part # 2

And what is a trip to Vegas without Elvis!!!

 0566 Vegas Trip Part # 2

 0570 Vegas Trip Part # 2

Celebrating life and love… in Vegas!


February 15, 2009 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Well I’m at Vegas for WPPI – a massive photography convention in Las Vegas. It’s amazing! The next few days I’ll give a glimpse at what I’ve been up to while here. It is a great time of learning, clicking iwth other photographerds and enjoying life.

So – let’s start at the beginning…. On Friday the 13th (ooooooo – scary!) we flew down to Vegas. “We” being Nataschia and Sandra and myself. We had a 4 hour layover in Chicago so… we gave ourselves some photo challenges to keep from going insane with boredom.

Challenge # 1…. we each had 5 minutes to go and try to find creative shots around the airport. Ready, set…. GO!

 0286 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0318 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0297 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0276 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0280 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0317 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0327 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Challenge # 2 – Find “circles”

ContactSheet 001 14 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Nataschia and Sandra trying to hide from me…. ha ha…

 0267 Vegas Trip Part # 1

The plane ride was gorgeous! And when we didn’t have great scenery… Sandra and I watched movies (Mamma Mia – I’ve been singing Abba ever since!) on her iPod.

 0382 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0388 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0392 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0387 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Finally arrived!

 0403 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Slot machines EVERYWHERE!

 0401 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Sandra in front of the window in the conference center of our hotel (MGM).

 0408 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Nataschia in the hallway on the way to the conference center…

 0413 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0419 Vegas Trip Part # 1

 0422 Vegas Trip Part # 1

Celebrating life and love… in Vegas!


February 14, 2009 Happy Valentine's Day!!!

May you feel love and share love today!

girls Happy Valentine's Day!!!

madicardFINAL Happy Valentine's Day!!!

edencardFINAL Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Well folks – tomorrow bright and early – well, early not bright – I’m out of here! Making the annual trek to Las Vegas tomorrow for the WPPI conference. WPPI is the biggest, the best, the most highly anticipated… you get the picture… photo conference. I love going – it’s perfect for inspiring me to dream and set goals for the upcoming season, to connect with many, many other photographers and to have fun! I’ll be posting while away about my adventures – woo hoo!! You can still reach me by phone or email while away!!

So tonight I cried when I tucked the girls into bed. I hugged Mark good night way too tight – I don’t think choking sounds are a good response to a hug. ha ha. I’m super glum about leaving the gang but excited for the next week’s adventure!

And…. in other news… today was a big day!!! My good friend Sandra and I launched “Chick Clicks” – a community for women photographers! So, if you are a chick who clicks and has a business… check out! I love that there is such a sense of community and helping each other out among photographers. It’s beautiful.

It’s late – I’m leaving wayyyy too early. Viva Las Vegas!!!

February 11, 2009 Edison

As most of you know, the name “edison photography” comes from the combination of my girl’s names – Eden and Madison.

However, I’ve always been intrigued by Thomas Edison – and today would have been his birthday.. so I thought I would share this link to ten fun facts about Thomas Edison – LINK

And share some of my favourite Edison quotes…

“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.”

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

“Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have.

“We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.”

HesJustNotThatIntoYou He's Just Not That Into You...
On Friday night my sister and I went out for supper and to a movie. Neither of us expected much from “He’s Just Not That Into You” – but we were so curious why the all-star cast. I mean EVERYONE is in it – then it has to be good. Right?

Well, unlike the Royal Tenenbaums which proved that theory wrong (it had a great cast – but… what was that movie? not my type at all!) this movie was suprisingly good! Quirky, witty, funny, while making you think about your own relationships…. and the advice you’ve given other girlfriends in error.

So – for a light chick flick… I’d recommend this one!
I’d love to rent it when it comes out. Unfortunately, I got Mark to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary with me last week which he hated.. so now it may take awhile for me to get him to watch another chick flick with me. ha ha

February 9, 2009 John & Maggie

On Friday I went to Waterloo and connected with John & Maggie for their engagement shoot. I had met them in the Fall to talk about their upcoming wedding – and so it was good to connect again. They had wanted engagement photos in the snow – not hard to do this year!

They took me to the pond where they got and we wondered around on the paths

IMG 9944 John & Maggie

IMG 9951 John & Maggie

IMG 9984 John & Maggie

IMG 9979a John & Maggie

IMG 9995 John & Maggie

ContactSheet 002 11 John & Maggie

IMG 0007 John & Maggie

Then we decided to go somewhere more “urban” since this is what had drawn Maggie to my photos in the first place. I don’t know Kitchener-Waterloo very well so I just said to take me somewhere “grungy”… I think they did good!

IMG 0024 John & Maggie

IMG 0008 John & Maggie

IMG 0043 John & Maggie

IMG 0051 John & Maggie

IMG 0060 John & Maggie

IMG 0064 John & Maggie

IMG 0085 John & Maggie

Can’t wait until June for their wedding!

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