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January 26, 2009 Weekend

This weekend was wonderful… why? I stayed in my PJ’s for the majority of it. Stayed home and hung out with the family. I love, love, love days like this as we just goof off together. Video games and TV are discouraged – instead the girls play together, dance, sing, build forts, have imaginary horse races, chase dad around the house, sit for stories with mom, do crafts…. in other words – just be kids!

Friday nights are our family night – we all curl up on the couch together and watch a movie. I usually sleep – ha ha.

But watching movies with Eden – not fun. This week we watched “Wall-E” and this would be a typical Eden dialogue – with no breaths, pauses, breaks in between. Just non-stop questions…..

wall e Weekend“Is that Wall-E? Why is he looking over there? Are his eyes closed? Why are his eyes closed? Is Wall-E real? Is he a robot? Is Wall-E dirty? Why is he dirty? Is he alone? Is he an orphan? Where are Wall-E’s mom and dad? Does he have a sister? Why did Wall-E say that? Is Wall-E sad? Is Wall-E a boy or a girl? Why did Wall-E look over there? Why did Wall-E say that? Why did he say that? Why did he move his head?”

Seriously – NON-STOP for the whole length of the movie. Love this kid!

Now tomorrow I’m back to work! Workshop in the evening (yay!) and during the day working on finishing a couple albums, editing and shipping out orders.

January 24, 2009 Winter Blues

This winter seems to have been particularly long and brutal. I’m done! I am no longer surprised when it snows, when the kids have indoor recess because of extreme temperatures, when my van doors freeze shut, when we have to shovel… again…. it is the winter that will not end. Sigh.

So we have tried to cope using some creativity! Last week it got reallllly cold and I had it! So, we had a family Beach Party! We all wore our summer clothes – the girls made a sun and palm tree, etc. and put them on the wall (where they still remain!), we listened to fun music, played hula hooping games on the Wii Fit, ate our favourite summer food… and thought warm thoughts!

The girls arranged the fruit for our snack….

IMG 9215 Winter Blues

The girls playing with balloons (they put each other’s clothes on by mistake so Madi’s was a belly shirt and Eden’s was long – ha ha)

IMG 9217 Winter Blues

IMG 9219 Winter Blues

We played Wii hula hoop – whoever hula-ed had to wear the grass skirt!

IMG 9238 Winter Blues

Madi finally learned to blow bubbles! (and you can see their lovely summer crafts)

IMG 9222 Winter Blues

IMG 9226 Winter Blues

And it wouldn’t be summer without ice cream and Popsicles!

IMG 9251 Winter Blues

IMG 9252 Winter Blues

IMG 9254 Winter Blues

Now yesterday we got another gift to help beat the winter blues! As you may have seen here at Christmas time, my parents are taking all of us on a cruise in February (woo hoo!) – and so they made the girls a calendar (converted an advent calendar) to count down the days till we go. We’re so excited!!!!!!!!

IMG 0125 1 Winter Blues

ContactSheet 001 10 Winter Blues

January 20, 2009 Learning Together

Last night was our first of a 3 week workshop – and it was fun! So excited to learn together with this group!

January 19, 2009 Dave & Caren's Wedding

Saturday was a cold, cold snowy day – perfect for a winter wedding! Dave and Caren are so full of life and joy – there day was a lot of fun!

We started at Dave’s parents home…. love this peaceful looking one of Dave.

IMG 9075 Dave & Caren's Wedding

And every time his mom looked at him – I came close to crying. Soooo much love.

IMG 9100 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9318 Dave & Caren's Wedding

And over to Caren’s where she was getting ready…

ContactSheet 001 9 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9431 1 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9188 Dave & Caren's Wedding

and having fun!

IMG 9206 Dave & Caren's Wedding

Caren’s stunning daughter, Tailor

IMG 9121 Dave & Caren's Wedding

On to the ceremony…

IMG 9464 Dave & Caren's Wedding

The reception was at Liuna Station – gorgeous venue here in Hamilton! – and being a snowy day – we did most of our photos inside.

IMG 9424 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9431 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9435 Dave & Caren's Wedding

ContactSheet 002 10 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9748 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9478 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9489 Dave & Caren's Wedding

Before the reception started, Tailor went in to the Hall and was spinning and dancing…

IMG 9816 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9786 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 9946 Dave & Caren's Wedding

jIMG 0087 Dave & Caren's Wedding

And afterwards – we slipped outside to get a few nighttime snow photos!

IMG 0065 Dave & Caren's Wedding

ContactSheet 001a 6 Dave & Caren's Wedding

IMG 0071 Dave & Caren's Wedding


Celebrating life and love,


January 17, 2009 So fun!

Awhile back my buddy, Chris posted this fun link to one of Improv Everywhere’s videos. I became hooked and watched all of them on You Tube – so fun!! You have to watch the frozen central station one – amazing!

Anyways, along those lines… while reading my daily news (aka – Perez Hilton… sad, I know) I saw this fun new commercial I had to post!

Things like this make me get choked up. I cry at every standing ovation. When people stand for O Canada without being told. Whenever a group of people all move and respond together – I get that lump in my throat.

Feeling a little teary right now – a little like going and hugging all my friends. ha ha – such a sap.

January 16, 2009 Open Book

I haven’t finished making new year resolutions – I usually do that mid-end of January… but one I know already is this – to be a better me.

I know that is vague and not measurable but that is what is rattling around in my head. I read photography magazines and books on how to improve in my skills and business. I read parenting books and seek advice on how to be a better mom. I have great friends who challenge me to love my hubby as best as I can and check in on how we’re do in in terms of our relationship. And so on… but when do I read, research, invest time simply on becoming a better Krista. Because you know, when I am the Krista I’m suppose to be – the other things fall into place. Why do I always forget this?

January is when I generally take time to re-evaluate the business, implement changes and dream ahead for the coming year or two. I love this time of dreaming!

Today as I looked through blogs (as I do daily – I love blogs) I was overwhelmed by the talent and creativity out there. Instead of being inspired I started thinking – I want to be more like that… I want to be more like this person… this person is so cool… Basically, I started to wallow. Not cool.

And then…
0690043961 707554 Open Book

Eden brought me her library book. A book picked out by a 4 year old reminded me of one of life’s lessons. She had picked out “The Mixed Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle. In it, a chameleon starts to want to be like all of the other animals – and takes on different characteristics of these animals… and then in the end he loses the capability to be himself and suffers. It’s a beautiful story reminding us how we each need to be our self and celebrate that!

It reminds me of the part in the Bible (1 Corinthians 12 I do believe) where it talks about we’re all part of the Body – and if the foot says “I don’t want to be the foot anymore” the whole Body suffers.

I am making a decision to celebrate me and my strengths! Yeah!

I also read a great article (you should read it!) by Me Ra Koh on her blog this week about how we are able to take inspiration from the photographers we admire and learn from them. This is what I need to remember – I can not ever be Jasmine Star, or Jessica Claire, or anyone else… but I can take inspiration from them and using my own strengths, make it my own.

I’m feeling inspired already.

May you also go and “be all that you can be!”

Celebrating life and love!


Yesterday I spent my entire morning at the passport office to get the girl’s passports… to find out I had the wrong forms.

Today I got the girls all layered up and out the door to school – and Eden throws up on the sidewalk as soon as we get out of the van. Call her child care to say she won’t be coming this afternoon – and I now have a sick little one at home.

It’s about -100 degrees or so it feels. It’s cold! My van doors are frozen shut every morning.

And then I look on my calendar and see… in one month I’ll be down south. In the sun. Sigh. Can’t wait.

January 13, 2009 Why?!

With so many cute toys in the world – why oh why do my girls love these hideous dogs? In case you have not yet been introduced, let me do the honour… meet “Tini Puppini” dogs.

IMG 8929 Why?!

IMG 8931 Why?!

Yes, they are like punk rock stuffed dogs. I think they’re ugly. But my girls love them and were so ecstatic to get them Christmas morning. Ill leave you with this photo of two girls absolutely smitten…

IMG 8936 Why?!

January 13, 2009 Paul & Simone

Mark’s brother Paul and his gorgeous fiancee Simone popped over for a visit on Sunday.
They had recently gone to Israel so it was great to hear about their travels! It’s been love at first sight with Eden and Simone in particular. The first time we met Simone, Eden tried to go home with her. Out on the porch “bye mom! I’m going home with Simone!” We all adore her and are so glad she’s going to be part of our family officially this May when they get married. Yeah!

So, we thought we should do some engagement photos. Problem being – a) it’s COLD and b) it’s dark! We took about 5minutes – and then I lost feeling in my trigger finger – ha ha! – and snapped a few photos of these two! Watch for more as we do another shoot in nicer weather hopefully!

IMG 8945 Paul & Simone

IMG 8973 Paul & Simone

IMG 8996 Paul & Simone

IMG 9191 Paul & Simone

IMG 9201 Paul & Simone

IMG 9208 Paul & Simone

IMG 8997 Paul & Simone

January 8, 2009 Single & Sexy Story

Another one of my couples was featured in the paper telling the story of how they met… I love Joel & Rachel! They are so fun! Read for yourself…..


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