December 31, 2008 Summer Dreaming

Last night as Mark and I were out for date night I complained to him… “I’m done with winter. I’m sick of the cold.”

Maybe it was because yesterday I was online booking our tickets to warm places in a few weeks… but suddenly I did not want any more winter.

Today I woke up to another dump of snow and bitter cold. Is there no end?

But, I was going through some of my personal photos organizing them and these caught my eye. Every year we do family photos as my Mother’s Day gift. I get out the remote or self-timer and snap away. These were taken in the Spring of 2007 and I hadn’t looked at them in awhile. Today I’m longing for these warm carefree days.

So, I’ll post these to bring a little sunshine to your corner of the world too!

20070522 IMG 9275 Summer Dreaming

Yes, her hair is lopsided. ha ha – can’t seem to get a straight cut on this girl!

20070522 IMG 9295 Summer Dreaming

Not sure why there are so many of Eden – I really do love both my girls. Maybe because she was having a good hair day. icon smile Summer Dreaming

20070523 IMG 9422 Summer Dreaming

20070523 IMG 9426 2 Summer Dreaming

ContactSheet 005 Summer Dreaming

ContactSheet 004 4 Summer Dreaming

ContactSheet 002 8 Summer Dreaming

This next series is my favourite.

20070523 IMG 9299 2 Summer Dreaming

20070523 IMG 9303 2 Summer Dreaming

20070523 IMG 9313 2 Summer Dreaming

20070523 IMG 9316 2 Summer Dreaming

Eden has the gift of sleep – if she’s tired she can sleep anywhere. Madi took full advantage of her sleeping sister.

ContactSheet 003 5 Summer Dreaming

And one of Mark and I….

ContactSheet 001a 4 Summer Dreaming

Celebrating life and love,


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