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November 3, 2008 Fashionista

In the spirit of random posts (see the one below) – I had to also add this!

At Adam & Erin’s wedding their bridesmaid Holly had designed and created some super cool purses and the shawl she wore outside. I loved the purses (the bride and some of the gals were using them) and want one of the shawls… and had to share her talent with the world….

Isn’t this shawl/wrap thing amazing?

IMG 0634 1 Fashionista

And here are three of her purse creations…

IMG 8001 1 Fashionista

IMG 8002 2 Fashionista

If I remember right this one was leather – really soft!

IMG 8003 3 Fashionista

IMG 8005 4 Fashionista

Anyhow – just came across these photos again and thought I’d share!

November 3, 2008 Krista at Work

Recently as I looked through wedding photos from a recent wedding – I came across a photo Beth snapped of me as I set up a photo.
I started an album in Facebook called “KJ @ Work” where I post a photo of me doing my thing that someone snaps and I have found in my archives… and then the photo I was taking at the time. People seem to be enjoying this “behind the scenes” look… so I thought I’d share with my blog readers too!

Oliver – the groom here – is a giant. Okay, not a giant… but very tall. So I stood on this abandoned van we found to get this angle of Oliver with his groomsmen.

IMG 1747 2 Krista at Work

IMG 3965 2 1 Krista at Work

Also at Oliver the Giant’s wedding – here I am saying to t he wedding party to look like they’re having fun as they decorate the car all up! Although – if you look at the pic it looks more like I’m yelling at Tali – the bridesmaid here.

IMG 1717 1 Krista at Work

IMG 4220 1 Krista at Work

From today’s wedding – here I am freeeezing outside!! They have each other to keep warm – ha ha!
We did a 5minute photo shoot outside as the sun was setting and it was getting cold!!

IMG 7121 1 Krista at Work

IMG 7987 Krista at Work

Sometimes, I’ll back up after I’m done a photo – and am surprise to find there is a person right practically on my shoulder! ha ha! Here is a groomsmen who could get the little guy in the next photo to laugh and smile so easily!

IMG 9661 2 Krista at Work

IMG 0286 1 Krista at Work

More to come……..

November 1, 2008 Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a great holiday! I love seeing whole communities coming together to celebrate… candy! Seriously, to think everyone gives up one whole evening to help kids have a blast for no real reason is so cool!

Our girls had a blast both at school celebrations and tearing around our neighbourhood tonight. Here’s a few quick pics!

Catwoman Madi

2008Map v6 Happy Halloween!

Cheetah Eden

ContactSheet 001 45 Happy Halloween!

Eden’s JK class where I spent this morning. Her teacher is wonderful! I love that she laughs and enjoys teh kids so much. We’ll really miss her when her mat leave starts in three weeks!

IMG 6807 4copy Happy Halloween!

Madi’s grade one class where Eden and I spent the afternoon. She too has a super amazing teacher. I love her teacher because she creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere for the kids to learn – but still has control of the class. She’s always laughing and the kids all adore her!

IMG 6864 7copy Happy Halloween!

This is the only photo I got of the parade – I held teh door for a good part of it and then when I got outside caught Eden as she tried to make a break for the playground – ha ha. But I love this one of the sisters!

IMG 6860 6 Happy Halloween!

Racing each other door to door tonight to trick-or-treat.

ContactSheet 002 30 Happy Halloween!

Eden’s hugs always turn into tackles….

IMG 6880 15 Happy Halloween!

Love the contrast of this next photo with the previous one – ha ha!

IMG 6881 16 Happy Halloween!

“Can we go now, mom?”

IMG 6877 12 Happy Halloween!

And they’re off and running!!!

IMG 6908 22 Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


November 1, 2008 Giving Back

At Edison we are big believers in giving back since we have been so blessed. So I get super excited when I read of others finding ways to make a difference in the world – this is something we’re so passionate about here!

Tonight while blog hopping I read on David Jay’s blog (David Jay is a super talented photographer and business person I’ve followed for years – love him!) about his friend who shares a really powerful video on his blog… and is giving $10 to the cause for everyone who comments.

So – what are you waiting for? Go make a difference today…. watch the video (you’ll be glad you did), leave a comment, change the world.