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November 14, 2008 Twins at Christmas

Okay – I think twins are one of the best inventions ever – ha ha! So much fun.

Anyways, I had the fun of photographing Carter and Kylie in their home all decked out for Christmas! How fun! Sure put me in the Christmas spirit! Now to start my shopping….

ContactSheet 003 Twins at Christmas

IMG 9307 2 Twins at Christmas

IMG 9334 5 Twins at Christmas

IMG 9640 12 Twins at Christmas

ContactSheet 002 Twins at Christmas

IMG 9367 8 Twins at Christmas

IMG 9616 11 Twins at Christmas

9 Twins at Christmas

IMG 9289 1 Twins at Christmas

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November 14, 2008 Ryan & Krista's wedding

Saturday was Ryan and Krista’s wedding – and despite it calling for rain, it was a great day! I love Fall weddings! They got married at the most gorgeous church here in Hamilton – slightly in love with this place! And the reception was one big party – they know how to have fun!! It was a great day!

IMG 8390 1 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8394 2 Ryan & Krista's wedding

Krista spent time in Africa as a nurse – so I wanted to incorporate some of her souvenir’s from her time there…

IMG 8407 4 Ryan & Krista's wedding

This hilarious tea towel on her stove made me laugh!

IMG 8400 3 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8409 5 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8431 12 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8417 8 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8436 13 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8494 20 Ryan & Krista's wedding

ContactSheet 001 49 Ryan & Krista's wedding

future photographer…

IMG 8508 25 Ryan & Krista's wedding

No, that’s not Santa doing the service – it’s Krista’s dad doing a portion. Although… if you check back next week you’ll see some photos of him as Santa!! (He’s a professional Santa and I’ll be doing some photos for his portfolio – how fun!)

IMG 8525 30 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8542 33 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8648 34 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8763 42 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8750 41 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8743 39 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8766 43 Ryan & Krista's wedding

Loved the cape’s that Ryan’s mom made the girls!

IMG 8790 46 Ryan & Krista's wedding

IMG 8725 65 Ryan & Krista's wedding

I’ll leave you with this fun one – Krista’s “something blue” – ha ha!

IMG 8561 37 Ryan & Krista's wedding

November 14, 2008 Learning to See

One of the things I always tell people about photography is it is all about learning to see. We ALL see a bride and groom – but a good photographer will also see that one moment, that look, that squeeze of the hand that lasts but a second. Photography is so much about learning to see and be aware.

My friend Diane sent me this – ad it reinforced that idea to me. Learning to be aware.


November 13, 2008 Enter Tooth Fairy

Today, finally, Madi has lost her first tooth. She has been waiting for this day since she got her teeth I think! ha ha! She has been anticipating it soooo much. She could not be more ecstatic. As soon as it was out (with a little help from dad) – she called her “BFF” Zoe and one of her sets of grandparents. Then she called my sister and left a message saying “I lost my first tooth – call and tell all your family. I already called Grandpa and Zoe but if you could call everyone else that would be great.” love it!

She left a note for the tooth fairy asking her to write down names of kids who have and have not lost teeth. (eeks!) And Eden left a picture she coloured for the tooth fairy. They’re pumped.

Anyways, here’s a picture of my big girl!

webIMG 9381 Enter Tooth Fairy

November 12, 2008 Kenny Family

I love families that I get to photograph regularly – to see the kids change is so fun! It was great to catch up with the Kennys – their boys are so sweet! This was our first time photographing in the home (something I’m really starting to love!) and the photos of dad and son on the piano… well, I get a little choked up over these.

Have a look !

Let me introduce you to the adorable Isaac…

ContactSheet 001 48 Kenny Family

And his big brother Jacob…

ContactSheet 001a 31 Kenny Family

And some of the musical family….

IMG 8293 Kenny Family

IMG 8303 Kenny Family

IMG 8382 Kenny Family

IMG 8392 Kenny Family

IMG 8361 Kenny Family

And the whole family!

IMG 8521 Kenny Family

ContactSheet 002 33 Kenny Family

I love finding a cool chair in the family home and dragging it outside – ha ha! These little guys just adore each other!

IMG 8484 Kenny Family

IMG 8495 Kenny Family

IMG 8545 Kenny Family

IMG 8547 Kenny Family

Celebrating life and love,


November 7, 2008 Bell Arte

As I told you recently I changed from Pictage being our online gallery to a new one. In plain English – before we used Pictage – clients would view their images, order and Pictage would print and ship them. I never saw them. I was unhappy with this as I could not guarantee quality control.

I also felt like I was giving in to the Big Box mentality rather than supporting our local businesses. Blah – hate that. So – I’m happy to say I’m back! I loooove Belle Arte who is now back to doing all our printing! Yeah!

Belle Arte is a family run business and one of the few places left on earth that has customer service. You go in – and they not only know my name, but my kids. They ask about my kids and my life. They know me. I’m not just a number. And it’s not just me – whenever I’m in there, each and every person that walks in is greeted by name. It’s amazing!

This week in the Spectator they had a front page article – an amazing story! – on how Robert (the owner of Belle Arte) reunited two brothers who never knew the other existed! Simply because he listened to their stories, knew their last names, recognized faces… it was incredible!

So… if you’re in the Hamilton area – check these guys out. I think the are the best – at printing AND at customer service. And if you need gear – even if they don’t have it in, they’ll get it in for you. Let’s support our local businesses!

November 7, 2008 Our Family

Every Mother’s Day I ask for the same gift. One thing.

Family Photos. I want everyone – including mark who hates getting his picture taken to snap a few photos. Yes, Mother’s Day was 6 months ago… but better late than never. ha ha!

I am reminded why people need to hire photographers – it’s frustrating! Yes, I was able to get a couple photos – but not without feeling totally frazzled and frustrated! What a different expierence this would be if someone else was taking the photos and we just needed to concentrate on interacting and loving. Next year…

Without further ado… here’s my family!

IMG 8173 1 Our Family

ContactSheet 004 17 Our Family

As my friend Monica said – this next photo is your typical facial expressions of both big and little sisters – ha ha!

IMG 8255 Our Family

IMG 8253 Our Family

IMG 8258 Our Family

IMG 8247 Our Family

IMG 8177 Our Family

IMG 8237 Our Family

IMG 8228 Our Family

This is how I caught Madi and Mark standing as I dug out my gear…

IMG 8280 Our Family

And then Eden had to join in…

IMG 8283 Our Family

And I tried to get some of each girl – as you can see one of my girls loves modeling. The other one loves tormenting their mother by not cooperating – ha ha!

ContactSheet 003 26 Our Family

ContactSheet 001 47 Our Family

ContactSheet 002 32 Our Family

IMG 8209 Our Family

ContactSheet 005 15 Our Family

IMG 8241 Our Family

Celebrating life and love,


I met this gorgeous family on what turned out to be a summer-like evening in November. Sweet! Yesterday and today have been gorgeous! (Finally!) These boys were way too cute – with their massive blue eyes. We rolled in the leaves, played hide and seek, through sticks… had a blast!

Meet Owen – completely in love with his rosy cheeks and blue, blue eyes!

IMG 8090 Kelly, Christine and boys

And Ian – also has killer blue eyes and loads of spunk!

IMG 8094 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8095 Kelly, Christine and boys

And mom and dad….

IMG 8168 Kelly, Christine and boys

And the whole gang together!

IMG 8175 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8179 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8187 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8105 2 Kelly, Christine and boys

Got to love leaves!

IMG 8201 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8134 Kelly, Christine and boys

And just having a whole lot of fun!

IMG 8052 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8079 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8145 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8224 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8204 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8231 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8235 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8131 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8110 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8125 2 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8030 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8044 1 Kelly, Christine and boys

IMG 8125 Kelly, Christine and boys

Celebrating life and love,


November 6, 2008 Tyler & Lindsay

As we saw in yesterday’s post – Lindsay’s dress was phenomenal! So it was no surprise that on their wedding this past Sunday Tyler could not take his eyes off of her. These two are smitten and so sweet! Loved watching them together!

ContactSheet 001 46 Tyler & Lindsay

ContactSheet 007 2 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7591 Tyler & Lindsay

ContactSheet 002 31 Tyler & Lindsay

Poor dad giving away his second daughter in 5 weeks…

IMG 7642 Tyler & Lindsay

And I always love the bagpipes!!

ContactSheet 004 16 Tyler & Lindsay

Loved the centrepieces!

IMG 7717 Tyler & Lindsay

Lots of laughs at the reception!

ContactSheet 001d 6 Tyler & Lindsay

Loved this moment between Lindsay and her new father-in-law….

ContactSheet 001a 30 Tyler & Lindsay

Tyler’s Uncle Jim singing a song to the couple

ContactSheet 005 14 Tyler & Lindsay

And off for some photo fun!

IMG 7918 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7896 1 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7885 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7874 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7919 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7970 1 Tyler & Lindsay

Rings are so hard for a guy to get use to!

IMG 7957 1 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7973 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 8002 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 8017 1 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 8002 1 Tyler & Lindsay

ContactSheet 1006 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7825 1 Tyler & Lindsay

IMG 7993 Tyler & Lindsay

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I’m going through withdrawl of the Miller family now! Since this Spring I have spent a lot of time with this family as both Lindsay and her sister were married this Fall (Kristen & Mike were married 5 weeks ago!). This means engagement photos for both couples, consults, both weddings – and both sisters also booked bridal portrait sessions! This is such a wonderful idea – we do photos of the bride a couple weeks before the Big Day – and its a lot of fun! needless to say – I’ve gotten to know the family and will miss seeing them every few weeks! icon smile Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

Now that the wedding is done – I can post some photos from the bridal portrait session a few weeks ago. Tomorrow I’ll post some from the wedding.

Be prepared to fall in love with this dress….

IMG 8882 1 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 8891 3 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 9049 29 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 9030 28 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 9007 22 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 8937 7 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 8955 13 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 9962 14 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

IMG 9956 9 Lindsay's Bridal Portraits

Celebrating life and love,