November 7, 2008 Our Family

Every Mother’s Day I ask for the same gift. One thing.

Family Photos. I want everyone – including mark who hates getting his picture taken to snap a few photos. Yes, Mother’s Day was 6 months ago… but better late than never. ha ha!

I am reminded why people need to hire photographers – it’s frustrating! Yes, I was able to get a couple photos – but not without feeling totally frazzled and frustrated! What a different expierence this would be if someone else was taking the photos and we just needed to concentrate on interacting and loving. Next year…

Without further ado… here’s my family!

IMG 8173 1 Our Family

ContactSheet 004 17 Our Family

As my friend Monica said – this next photo is your typical facial expressions of both big and little sisters – ha ha!

IMG 8255 Our Family

IMG 8253 Our Family

IMG 8258 Our Family

IMG 8247 Our Family

IMG 8177 Our Family

IMG 8237 Our Family

IMG 8228 Our Family

This is how I caught Madi and Mark standing as I dug out my gear…

IMG 8280 Our Family

And then Eden had to join in…

IMG 8283 Our Family

And I tried to get some of each girl – as you can see one of my girls loves modeling. The other one loves tormenting their mother by not cooperating – ha ha!

ContactSheet 003 26 Our Family

ContactSheet 001 47 Our Family

ContactSheet 002 32 Our Family

IMG 8209 Our Family

ContactSheet 005 15 Our Family

IMG 8241 Our Family

Celebrating life and love,


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