November 12, 2008 Kenny Family

I love families that I get to photograph regularly – to see the kids change is so fun! It was great to catch up with the Kennys – their boys are so sweet! This was our first time photographing in the home (something I’m really starting to love!) and the photos of dad and son on the piano… well, I get a little choked up over these.

Have a look !

Let me introduce you to the adorable Isaac…

ContactSheet 001 48 Kenny Family

And his big brother Jacob…

ContactSheet 001a 31 Kenny Family

And some of the musical family….

IMG 8293 Kenny Family

IMG 8303 Kenny Family

IMG 8382 Kenny Family

IMG 8392 Kenny Family

IMG 8361 Kenny Family

And the whole family!

IMG 8521 Kenny Family

ContactSheet 002 33 Kenny Family

I love finding a cool chair in the family home and dragging it outside – ha ha! These little guys just adore each other!

IMG 8484 Kenny Family

IMG 8495 Kenny Family

IMG 8545 Kenny Family

IMG 8547 Kenny Family

Celebrating life and love,


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