Well, in the search for the right haircut for me… I went out again today. You may remember I went from really long to a blunt cut in the Fall. But it still was too heavy and blah. So, today I went out and chopped some more!

I always just run in anywhere I see to get a haircut – and regret it afterwards. Sometimes even having to pay for a second cut to fix the first cut. Seriously. Not worth it. So today I went to one of the best in Hamilton – Pure NV – and I’ve found my new salon! I had Nancy who was wonderful. Talk about customer service… you start with a consult on what you want done (no more hairdressers randomly chopping ignoring what I say), a head massage (aaaahhhhhhh…….) and after she washed my hair (is there anything better than when a hairdresser washes your hair?) she offered me a drink. I like her! I told her I wanted something stylish yet not something I’m going to be a slave to. She “got” me. After the cut – which she took her time with (no more 5minute hair cut!) she offers a complimentary makeup touch up. Hello! New best friend alert!!

I walked in feeling dowdy and gross and left feeling rejuvenated and wonderful. Thank you, Nancy!

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