November 7, 2008 Bell Arte

As I told you recently I changed from Pictage being our online gallery to a new one. In plain English – before we used Pictage – clients would view their images, order and Pictage would print and ship them. I never saw them. I was unhappy with this as I could not guarantee quality control.

I also felt like I was giving in to the Big Box mentality rather than supporting our local businesses. Blah – hate that. So – I’m happy to say I’m back! I loooove Belle Arte who is now back to doing all our printing! Yeah!

Belle Arte is a family run business and one of the few places left on earth that has customer service. You go in – and they not only know my name, but my kids. They ask about my kids and my life. They know me. I’m not just a number. And it’s not just me – whenever I’m in there, each and every person that walks in is greeted by name. It’s amazing!

This week in the Spectator they had a front page article – an amazing story! – on how Robert (the owner of Belle Arte) reunited two brothers who never knew the other existed! Simply because he listened to their stories, knew their last names, recognized faces… it was incredible!

So… if you’re in the Hamilton area – check these guys out. I think the are the best – at printing AND at customer service. And if you need gear – even if they don’t have it in, they’ll get it in for you. Let’s support our local businesses!

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