November 17, 2008 Accsessories

What girl doesn’t like to accessorize?
Everyday the girls get ready for school – I no longer have control over picking out their outfits as they both have their own style now. Madi wants “rock star” clothes – her skinny jeans and t-shirts. Eden wants long dresses. I try to make sure they at least match – do their hair nicely, and then…. they add their own accessories and all is lost.

This is Madi pre-accessories…

ContactSheet 001 1 Accsessories

And this is the hat she decided finished her outfit and wore to school today…

IMG 7294 3 Accsessories

IMG 7300 4 Accsessories

Eden before accessories…

ContactSheet 002 2 Accsessories

And the crown she wore in school all day…

ContactSheet 001a Accsessories

Celebrating life and love,


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