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October 1, 2008 Fall Update

Hey gang! Wanted to take time for a quick update….


First – we are nearly booked solid for 2008 portraits. If we are already working to book your session – no worries! Any new inquiries that won’t fit in our 2 or 3 spots left will be added to a waiting list in case there is a cancellation.


Also – if you have had photos done this year and are interested in custom design Christmas cards or photos for gifts – now is the time to start thinking about that! Just pop us a line!!


Tomorrow I am having a photographer from Winnipeg – Jodi Klassen – coming to stay with me for 4 days to job shadow. I am so excited to meet Jodi! I have 4 days of solid shooting planned for us – so watch back for lots of photo updates!


I also was thrilled – and shocked!!! – to receive this email from Trina in the Yukon. I thought the only thing I Was famous for was winning a goldfish eating contest back in the day – ha ha.

“I am recently taking a photography course in school and we have to do a project on a famous photographer. You see where this is going.. ha I picked you , i love your photos, they are beautiful, unique and detailed and when i think of a photographer the only name that appears in my head is Krista Jefferson. Now i hope that didn’t sound cheesy but really that is the only way to put it.”


And I got to say, work has been crazy busy – Fall is always our busiest season with portraits, weddings and orders. I have been busy trying to keep up… but then I get an email like this from last weekend’s groom, Ted, and it all seems worthwhile:

“I just saw my Wedding photos on your blog and I have tears of happiness. They are beautiful. Thanks for capturing our special day.”


May you celebrate life and love today!!


A couple weeks ago I did bridal portraits for Kristen – I had to wait to post them until she was married! Now that she’s said “I do!” I can post these beauties!

ContactSheet 001 32 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

IMG 5124 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

IMG 5140 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

ContactSheet 004 12 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

IMG 5164 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

ContactSheet 001a 19 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

IMG 5917 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

IMG 5190 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

IMG 6003 Kristen's Bridal Portraits

October 1, 2008 Maclean family

Way back in high school I knew Jacquie – haven’t seen her since high school! On Sunday I had the pleasure of not only seeing her – but her husband, daughter, and extended family! Jacquie and her sister Laura both have some of the cutest girls ever – they were so easy to photograph! It was a great way to spend the morning!

We started with Jacquie and her family – her daughter Natalie is a sweetheart!!!

IMG 8603 Maclean family

ContactSheet 003 20 Maclean family

IMG 8808 Maclean family

I love how these two look like they are in the middle of a fight!

ContactSheet 002 21 Maclean family
IMG 8645 Maclean family

IMG 8671 Maclean family

IMG 8743 Maclean family

IMG 8763 Maclean family

And the grandparents just ADORE Their granddaughters!!

IMG 8785 Maclean family

And this photo may not be perfectly in focus – but I loved the emotion of Grandma and her girls as they embrace upon arrival.

IMG 8833 Maclean family

And then we photographed Laura and her family of gorgeous girls!

IMG 8846 Maclean family

IMG 9128 Maclean family

ContactSheet 001g 1 Maclean family

IMG 8910 Maclean family

IMG 9183 Maclean family

Their girls just naturally grabbed each other’s hands – priceless!

IMG 9246 Maclean family

And then the whole family!!

IMG 9137 Maclean family

IMG 8887 Maclean family

I adore kids – whole reason I got into photography after all! And I love listening to kids – having them tell me about school, bugs, friends, Hannah Montana, random facts… on the walk back to the car we were having a great chat and I just received this photo in my inbox! Love it as it reminds me of my three new little friends!

picureday006 1 Maclean family

Celebrating life and love,