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October 18, 2008 Dave & Tara

Tonight I finally got to meet the lovely Tara and her fiancee Dave. Tara and I have been emailing back and forth – but hadn’t had a chance to meet yet! I’m so excited about their old fashioned movie themed New Years Eve Wedding! Should be so fun!

Here’s a few photos from our chilly night together…

ContactSheet 001 40 Dave & Tara

IMG 1335 Dave & Tara

IMG 4644 Dave & Tara

IMG 4825 Dave & Tara

IMG 4811 Dave & Tara

IMG 4737 Dave & Tara

IMG 4742 Dave & Tara

IMG 4702 Dave & Tara

IMG 1368 Dave & Tara

IMG 1415 1 Dave & Tara

IMG 1422 1 Dave & Tara

IMG 1375 Dave & Tara

IMG 1391 Dave & Tara

Celebrating life and love,


October 17, 2008 Jodi

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of having a photographer from Winnipeg – Jodi from “Photos by Jodi” – fly out and job shadow me for 4 days. Jodi does this once a year with different photographers- what a great way to learn! I may steal the idea. Anyhow, always a bit curious what someone will be like when you’ve never met them before and they’re staying at your house – but right from the start Jodi was great! She was a lot of fun!

This is what Jodi said about her time here: “I LOVED every moment of my time in Hamilton with Krista and her family.I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 4 days with them. Krista is the most down to earth and casual person I think I’ve met. If you haven’t had your pictures done by her yet….BOOK HER! HAHA you’ll never regret it! You’ll fall in love with her just like I did. Thanks Krista for all the advise with editing, shooting, marketing and everything else photography. Blessings on you and your family!”

We did some photos of Jodi for her website while shew as here – let me introduce you to the lovely Jodi:

IMG 1272 Jodi

IMG 1316 Jodi

IMG 1322 Jodi

IMG 8207 Jodi

October 16, 2008 Matt & Chantelle

With the busy weekend of Thanksgiving – I didn’t get a chance to post more of Matt & Chantelle’s wedding photos! Saturday was a perfect day – warm outside, perfect Fall colours… wonderful!

We started our day with the guys golfing – what a fun group of guys!

IMG 9979 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 9996 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0033 Matt & Chantelle

Their wedding was at Paletta Mansion in Burlington – love this venue! We met up with Chantelle and the girls there as they got ready – and then spent the rest of the day on the beautiful grounds here.

IMG 0074 1copy Matt & Chantelle

Chantelle getting her daughter Shaylene ready

IMG 0042 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0074 Matt & Chantelle

Shaylene all dolled up and ready to go

IMG 0124 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0083 Matt & Chantelle

And back to Chantelle’s preparation!

Some of Chantelle’s details…

IMG 0070 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0050 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0060 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0158 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0169 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0184 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0583 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0623 Matt & Chantelle

And a toast before the ceremony…

IMG 0168 Matt & Chantelle

The ceremony was on the terrace which overlooks the lake. Beautiful!

IMG 0219 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0247 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0266 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0270 Matt & Chantelle

This is when I lost it – Matt gave his new daughter Shaylene a ring at the end of the ceremony. He got down on one knee, gave her the ring and kissed her hand. I was bawling.

IMG 0347 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0354 Matt & Chantelle

The happy couple

IMG 0414 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0503 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0481 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0513 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0545 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0557 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0636 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0642 Matt & Chantelle

Thanks for letting us be a part of your Big Day – we had a blast!!!

Celebrating life and love,


Today is school picture day for my kids. So the question is asked – what should they wear???

Now, I’ve always tried to dress my girls cute – my sister has always said “If you wouldn’t wear it – why should they?” Good philosophy.

But more recently I’ve given up the battle a bit. Eden wants the girly, glitzy, gaudy clothes. Madi wants to look like a teenager rock star. At night I lay out a cute outfit for each of them. In the morning they refuse the outfit and put together some tacky clothing choice of their own. I’m realizing this is part of their personality – so let it go. I still try to steer them a bit in their choices – but it’s mostly a losing battle.

But today is in fact picture day. I told the girls for one day they had to wear what I wanted. I got them both into a cute dress each. Madi wore her black dress with the embroidery I love so much, and Eden wore a cute green wrap dress that I love with her eye colour! So, I thought all was well with the world of fashion for my girls.

Then, as I walked past Madi’s classroom this morning after popping in the school for a minute – I had to laugh out loud. Madi had out fashioned me again! She had smuggled in her backpack a clip on boy’s tie from our dress up box and was now wearing it. And you know what? I love it .I hope she keeps it on for the photos as it is totally “her”. The cute dress is a reflection of me and my tastes. The tie – that tells more of Madi’s story and personality.

Got me thinking about my own clients as I’m often asked “What should we wear?” It’s great to coordinate colour schemes, and avoid clashing…. but I think even more fun is to let the kids personalities shine through!! Even if we start coordinated and in mom’s choice of attire – and then change to kids choice.

Next week Beth is doing our family’s portraits… now I’ll have to rethink what they should wear. Watch next week to see who wins the fight of the closet – mom or Madi!

October 16, 2008 Communication

My email has not been working yesterday and is being fixed now – in the meantime please call us at 905-923-7623 or email me here ( if you need to reach me. Thanks!!

October 15, 2008 Have Camera WIll Travel

I adore travel. Love traveling. It’s in my genes I think. Be it in a town an hour or two away to a town that is new to me – or to an exotic faraway country. I love seeing new sights and meeting the people that make up the culture!

And today I was thinking how I often get the comment “I wish you lived here and could do our photos”…. from people outside of the GTA and Hamilton area. Just a reminder… I’m willing to travel! Be it for a wedding or for portraits – no harm in asking if you’re interested! For family portraits, I like to try to get a few portrait sessions booked in the area if I am coming out. So if you are thinking you’d like me to come to your neck of the woods for portraits – get some friends together who also need portraits – and let’s make a day (or two!) of it! If it is for a wedding – just ask! Especially for a destination wedding where your guests are limited – you especially want to make sure you get quality images you love to share with all those who could not attend your celebrations.

And so that is my thought of the day. Have camera. Will Travel.

icon smile Have Camera WIll Travel

October 14, 2008 A dozen years of thanks

This weekend was the usual whirlwind of thankfulness as we celebrated with our family!

Friday night we drove out to my parents place in the booming town of Sweets Corner. We enjoyed way too much food and played some games and had a blast. The girls enjoyed what will probably be the last crop of lollipops from Grandma’s lollipop garden this season. Saturday I was at a wedding all day – what a great day! Sunday we headed to another big town to visit my one set of in-laws – the town of Clifford. Holidays at the farm are always crazy as Mark’s side of the family is huge (he’s one of 11 siblings) and there are cousins and nieces and nephews and siblings everywhere. The kids had a blast in the barn swinging from the rope swing and playing in the hay and climbing in the tree fort as well. Today the four of us went to Webster’s Falls for a hike. I have never seen it so packed – wow!! But the colours could not have been more amazing and the weather perfect. I’m so glad we went as it was breath taking. Then this afternoon-evening my other set of in-laws came over along with Mark’s brother and his fiancee. We introduced them to the Wii – what a riot!! We also celebrated Christmas as my in-laws will be heading south (Florida) for the winter in just a couple weeks.

Whew! I’m bushed!

But one thing stood out for me.

Mark’s brother Paul is celebrating his engagement to the lovely Simone. And this got me thinking about our own wedding, engagement, etc. and how much has changed in the nearly twelve years since we said “I do”.

Since we got married twelve years ago…

-we were the first to get married out of all our siblings. Today we have one sister-in-law, four brother-in-laws and another sister-in-law to be that has been added to our families.
-at our wedding there were no nieces or nephews yet. Today we have 16 nieces and nephews – as well as our own two girls! (If you’re counting – that is a total of 22 people between kids and inlaws that have been added to our family that we did not even know when we were married!)
-Mark has earned another degree and found a profession he loves (nursing)
-I have started a business that I love and am passionate about – and have even been able to win some awards for doing what I love.
-we have moved 4 times – not including two short stints with my parents in between moves
-we have visited 7 countries and lots of places in between… and are always dreaming of where to go next.
-we still do not own a dishwasher and do not have cable TV.
-we still love Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit
-we still have our list of things we want to do before we die… we pull out occasionally and add to and edit. We love to dream.
-our close friends at our wedding – Pernell, Margie, Monica… are still our good friends today.
-I still am not Martha Stewart or domestic – Mark is so much better than I am in those areas!
-we still love each other like crazy.

So, after reflecting on the last dozen years I’m feeling especially thankful. Not because it’s all been a piece of cake – in a dozen years I’ve experienced much heart ache, loss and sadness also. But as I reflect I see how it has changed and shaped me into who I am today. I see how though circumstances change – I still have the adorable guy I met at the bus stop 15 years ago by my side. I’m thankful for the people in my life – the ones who have been with me through it all – and the ones I have gladly added to my life in more recent years.

Life is such a gift. A glorious gift. I hope that today – on Thanksgiving – and always you will “celebrate life and love”.


October 12, 2008 Matt & Chantelle

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect Fall day – a gorgeous, gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding at the lake!

I am off to Thanksgiving celebrations – but wanted to leave you with two of my favourite photos of the day until I have time to blog more!

IMG 0650 1 Matt & Chantelle

IMG 0551 Matt & Chantelle

And you may remember their FUN horseback riding engagement photos – loved them!

Watch for more soon!

Celebrating life and love,


October 7, 2008 Busy, Busy

These past 4 days was a blur of photo shoots!

Since we had 7 photo shoots and one wedding in 4 days… I thought I’d help you find the shoots you’re trying to find! A shoot that happened on Friday may be bumped on to the next page as there’s been 6 since for example!

So…. if you are looking for these shoots – click their name!

Amy & Chad’s Engagement

Chris, Kristie & family
Adam & Erin’s wedding
Matt & Heather’s Engagement
Andrew & Meredith’s Engagement
Niko’s portraits
Emily & Claire’s portraits
Seamus’s portraits

SO after four very busy days… I had not seen my family! So I took Monday off and we played hooky… and Sunday night we went and stayed at a hotel in Toronto. We swam and watched movies in bed and then went to Toys R Us so the girls could spend birthday money… so much fun!!! Feeling more connected again!

October 7, 2008 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

It is always strange to see old friends with a baby of their own. To move into the world of parenthood is a beautiful transformation – and so it was fun to watch my friends of many years Jamie and Jen interacting with their little Seamus. He is such a happy little guy – full of smiles! As my girls get bigger I forget how little they once were. So to be around a baby of almost one year – crawling, eager to stand and use those legs… brings back memories of my own wee ones.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Seamus…

ContactSheet 002 26 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 8799 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9821 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 8758 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

And his two biggest fans – mom and dad. They are so smitten with him!

ContactSheet 001a 24 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

ContactSheet 001 39 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

ContactSheet 001aa 3 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9804 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9826 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9738 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9743 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9862 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9880 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9895 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

And my favourite photo of the shoot:

IMG 9909 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 9913 1 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 8790 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

ContactSheet 002a 4 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 8841 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

IMG 8850 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

And Jamie was not a fan of getting his photos done – but for his wife he agreed. As Jen said “this is love”. But – yo can only push a guy so far – ha ha!!!

IMG 9944 Jamie, Jen and Saeamus

Celebrating life and love,