October 28, 2008 News and Updates

Hey gang! Well – since I had this past weekend off (so sweet!) I don’t have photos to post today – but I do have some thoughts and news to share.

First the news…

I just found out on the weekend that I was voted the “Greatest Photographer in Hamilton” (their words NOT mine) by H Magazine. Thanks so much!!! So excited about this honour. Wow.

And now some updates…

I have just this past week changed who I provide our online galleries through. If you have not had a photo session with us you might not know what I am referring to. After a photo session, we send you a link to your online proofs – a place where you can view, order and share your images. Up until this week I had been using a company that would take your orders, print them and send them right to you. Seems wonderful – less work for me… but I wasn’t totally happy.

I want to offer our clients the BEST. So, we have now changed to an order system where once you place your order – I receive your order here. I open each photo ordered, tweak as necessary and make sure it is picture perfect before going to print! I do not like to do major touch ups so you do not recognize the person – but I do like to simply enhance the photo. Whiten teeth, brighten eyes, touch up a blemish… Now when you order through our new gallery – your photos will be perfected, then printed – and checked by me before delivered to you. We really want to offer only the best.

Also, I will be finishing shooting for the 2008 portrait season Nov. 15. This allows us time to complete all your orders for Christmas and get them to you! We also slow down a bit in Nov. and December to take time to re-evaluate our business and how we can improve to serve you better! (We’re always open to suggestions – pop us a line!)

Tomorrow I am on a field trip with my daughter’s kindergarten class – can’t wait!

Thanks! Hoping today and always you celebrate life and love!


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