October 22, 2008 Goals and Dreams

I am a huge dreamer. I have ideas and dreams that could keep me busy 49 hours a day. But being a photographer is only a part of who I am. I am also mom, wife, friend, daughter… and so sometimes I may have a great idea or dream – but it is not the right time for it to happen. I’ve been mulling over this though lately. You see, I take time off from shooting in end of November and December and while we are busy fulfilling Christmas orders, I am also taking time to restructure and dream through the business.

And so along with dreams come goals. If you’ve been a blog reader for awhile – you may remember last year I said one of my coals was by 2008 to be nominated in the Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards. So of course I was shocked when in 2007 we were not only nominated – but won in 4 categories (New Business / Photography Studio / Photographer / Local Artist). Curious about the 2008 results? Check in here on Thursday – hee hee. Nothing beats suspense.

Some of my other goals….

-shoot a wedding in Tuscany – or thereabouts – really, I’ll take anywhere in Europe! or Canada… or the US… or I just love to travel. icon smile Goals and Dreams
-enter photo competitions regularly
-find ways to give back

and there are many others but I just wanted to touch on the last two (and the Tuscany one I keep throwing out there in case someone knows someone – ha ha! I’m pathetic)

I was intrigued by a photo competition I saw tonight when I was doing my daily blog hopping. To go off on a tangent for a moment… I love blogs. I read about a gazillion different ones using bloglines. Photographers from all over the world – both the “Big names” and the ones just starting out. I love seeing what people are up to, what photos they are taking, and glimpses into their lives. And because I love blogs so much, I try to keep mine up to date and as active as possible in case others are as addicted as I am to blogs. I am a stalker on most sites – I go and read and leave… never making myself known. I think I’m going to set a new goal in also trying to comment more. I know a two way conversation is always more fun than a one way conversation. So – I wonder if you, my lovely blog reader, would also try to enter in to conversation with me? You’ll find I don’t bite and I love to gab! Feel free to comment anytime. Or if the blog scares you – look me or Edison’s group up on Facebook and drop us a line! This also allows you to comment on individual photos – and more importantly for us to become friends. icon smile Goals and Dreams

Tangent over. ha ha

I saw this competition on Roel’s blog and I love it for a couple reasons. It benefits Thirst Relief – how cool is that? And photos that place in the top ten have feedback from some of the world’s top photographers on why it makes a great photo. When I did some workshops and such – one of the things I loved the most was the feedback and critique. This is how we learn and grow!!

Anyhow – for all you photographers out there – this looks like a great one to enter!

wc08w medium600px Goals and Dreams

So check out WedComp!

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