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October 31, 2008 THANK YOU!!

Growing up, my parents had jobs they loved – and I enjoyed seeing that example. Today I too have found a job that isn’t work – but a passion! And I love, love, LOVE it!!

So to do something I love… and to be recognized for my work – wow. Much, much more than I could dream of.

This week was a big week for edison. On the weekend we found out we won “Greatest Photographer” in Hamilton by H Magazine.

And today the Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards came out and we won the following awards…

-I won awards for best photographer and local artist

-Edison won for best photography studio


Last year at this time I shared how my goal was by 2008 (which is now) to be NOMINATED for a Reader’s Choice Award. So I was completely shocked when we WON not one but FOUR last year (the same three as this year plus New Business also). And then to win three again this year – we are so honoured.

Thank you again and again for your support and encouragement!

Celebrating life and love!!!!!!


readers choice 07 701495 THANK YOU!!readers choice 08 733754 THANK YOU!!

October 28, 2008 News and Updates

Hey gang! Well – since I had this past weekend off (so sweet!) I don’t have photos to post today – but I do have some thoughts and news to share.

First the news…

I just found out on the weekend that I was voted the “Greatest Photographer in Hamilton” (their words NOT mine) by H Magazine. Thanks so much!!! So excited about this honour. Wow.

And now some updates…

I have just this past week changed who I provide our online galleries through. If you have not had a photo session with us you might not know what I am referring to. After a photo session, we send you a link to your online proofs – a place where you can view, order and share your images. Up until this week I had been using a company that would take your orders, print them and send them right to you. Seems wonderful – less work for me… but I wasn’t totally happy.

I want to offer our clients the BEST. So, we have now changed to an order system where once you place your order – I receive your order here. I open each photo ordered, tweak as necessary and make sure it is picture perfect before going to print! I do not like to do major touch ups so you do not recognize the person – but I do like to simply enhance the photo. Whiten teeth, brighten eyes, touch up a blemish… Now when you order through our new gallery – your photos will be perfected, then printed – and checked by me before delivered to you. We really want to offer only the best.

Also, I will be finishing shooting for the 2008 portrait season Nov. 15. This allows us time to complete all your orders for Christmas and get them to you! We also slow down a bit in Nov. and December to take time to re-evaluate our business and how we can improve to serve you better! (We’re always open to suggestions – pop us a line!)

Tomorrow I am on a field trip with my daughter’s kindergarten class – can’t wait!

Thanks! Hoping today and always you celebrate life and love!


October 26, 2008 Break

So – it has been a very busy Fall – and this was my first weekend off in…. a long time! It feels so good to just be “mom”. Friday was also a PA day for my girls – so we had a long weekend to play! I still have tomorrow off too! What bliss! My dad called me and asked what plans I had for Sunday – and I don’t think he believed me when I said none!

Friday afternoon we had a brief visit with two of my good friends – Carolynn & Cherie and their kids. These guys are like family – we have been together through it all. And still love each other – yeah!! Every year we have taken our kids to Puddicombe farms where we let the kids run through the pumpkins in full costume as we snap pics. Become part of our Halloween tradition – so we did this on Friday!

the six kids… My two were a black cat/cat woman (Madi) and a cheetah (Eden). Carolynn’s two were also catwoman (Paige) and Chloe made her own rainbow costume. Cherie’s kids were a dalmation (Caden) and Cruella De Vil (Aliah). Although we rarely see each other these days – it’s always fun to get the kids together.

ContactSheet 001a 29 Break

ContactSheet 002 29 Break

ContactSheet 001 44 Break

IMG 7620 1 Break

IMG 7627 Break

Paige and Madi are such good buddies!

ContactSheet 001j Break

IMG 7655 Break

IMG 7681 1 Break

IMG 7689 Break

IMG 7692copy Break

celebrating life and love,


October 26, 2008 Hildebrand Family

One of the things I love about my job is being able to reconnect with people I have known from school, church, or life in general and haven’t seen for years. Jason & Sara I knew many years ago – and although I have bumped into Jason over the years at his plays (phenomenal actor!) I hadn’t met their kids. All 4 of their kids! Wow! Beautiful family!

Anyways, Jason’s parents celebrated their 40th anniversary (last year but… we all know how hectic life gets!) and Jason and Julie had given their parents a gift of a portrait session. We got together this week on what looked like it was going to be a horrible, cold day – but the sun broke through for us and although chilly we had a great outdoor session of both the big group and individual families.

Julie’s family was there first -s o we started to play with them….

IMG 7333 Hildebrand Family

Love Julie’s playfulness here – ha ha

IMG 7318 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7316copy Hildebrand Family

IMG 7338 1 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7339 1 Hildebrand Family


IMG 7354 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7356 Hildebrand Family

Then Jason & Sara’s family showed up. Their oldest daughter Mercy does not have a shy bone in her body it seems. And she was quick to show off her gymnastics moves – she went from cartwheel right into perfect splits – ouch!

IMG 7376 Hildebrand Family

Grandma and Grandpa were thrilled to have all the grandkids there – every time I looked over one of the kids was being cuddled or played with!

IMG 7417 Hildebrand Family

ContactSheet 001a 28 Hildebrand Family

ContactSheet 001n 1 Hildebrand Family

Time for the big group photos!

IMG 7477 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7484 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7425 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7449 Hildebrand Family

And the grandkids

IMG 7454 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7470 Hildebrand Family

And before we left – we had to get some of Jason & Sara’s family too!

IMG 7535 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7539 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7564 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7445 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7460 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7486 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7407 1 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7408 1 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7476 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7479 Hildebrand Family

ContactSheet 001 43 Hildebrand Family

ContactSheet 001m 1 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7568 Hildebrand Family

IMG 7574 Hildebrand Family

And the whole reason we were all there- “mom and dad”!

IMG 7509 1 Hildebrand Family

Celebrating life and love,


October 22, 2008 Goals and Dreams

I am a huge dreamer. I have ideas and dreams that could keep me busy 49 hours a day. But being a photographer is only a part of who I am. I am also mom, wife, friend, daughter… and so sometimes I may have a great idea or dream – but it is not the right time for it to happen. I’ve been mulling over this though lately. You see, I take time off from shooting in end of November and December and while we are busy fulfilling Christmas orders, I am also taking time to restructure and dream through the business.

And so along with dreams come goals. If you’ve been a blog reader for awhile – you may remember last year I said one of my coals was by 2008 to be nominated in the Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards. So of course I was shocked when in 2007 we were not only nominated – but won in 4 categories (New Business / Photography Studio / Photographer / Local Artist). Curious about the 2008 results? Check in here on Thursday – hee hee. Nothing beats suspense.

Some of my other goals….

-shoot a wedding in Tuscany – or thereabouts – really, I’ll take anywhere in Europe! or Canada… or the US… or I just love to travel. icon smile Goals and Dreams
-enter photo competitions regularly
-find ways to give back

and there are many others but I just wanted to touch on the last two (and the Tuscany one I keep throwing out there in case someone knows someone – ha ha! I’m pathetic)

I was intrigued by a photo competition I saw tonight when I was doing my daily blog hopping. To go off on a tangent for a moment… I love blogs. I read about a gazillion different ones using bloglines. Photographers from all over the world – both the “Big names” and the ones just starting out. I love seeing what people are up to, what photos they are taking, and glimpses into their lives. And because I love blogs so much, I try to keep mine up to date and as active as possible in case others are as addicted as I am to blogs. I am a stalker on most sites – I go and read and leave… never making myself known. I think I’m going to set a new goal in also trying to comment more. I know a two way conversation is always more fun than a one way conversation. So – I wonder if you, my lovely blog reader, would also try to enter in to conversation with me? You’ll find I don’t bite and I love to gab! Feel free to comment anytime. Or if the blog scares you – look me or Edison’s group up on Facebook and drop us a line! This also allows you to comment on individual photos – and more importantly for us to become friends. icon smile Goals and Dreams

Tangent over. ha ha

I saw this competition on Roel’s blog and I love it for a couple reasons. It benefits Thirst Relief – how cool is that? And photos that place in the top ten have feedback from some of the world’s top photographers on why it makes a great photo. When I did some workshops and such – one of the things I loved the most was the feedback and critique. This is how we learn and grow!!

Anyhow – for all you photographers out there – this looks like a great one to enter!

wc08w medium600px Goals and Dreams

So check out WedComp!

October 22, 2008 Worst Best Man

My buddy Jasen just posted this on his blog – made me laugh out loud!!

Worst Best ManFunny videos are here

October 21, 2008 Rizza and Malal

Malal contacted me this Fall about her wedding – and I was so excited at the opportunity! They were having a celebration that spanned a few days – but needed someone to photograph their portraits. It was an absolute honour and delight! Malal was the perfect model – so elegant and poised. And Rizza is such a gentleman – what a sweetheart! We were to meet at the Kleinburg Rail Station – and got there and it was all under construction! So we poked around for some locations before finishing at their reception venue at Le Jardin. A beautiful couple on a beautiful afternoon!

These first ones seemed so classic to me – timeless beauties!
IMG 6520 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6529 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6563 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6549 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6587 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6579 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6586 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6616 2 Rizza and Malal

Loved her bouquet that her uncle created for her!

IMG 6594 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6814 Rizza and Malal

And more of the happy couple…

IMG 6534 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6537 Rizza and Malal

ContactSheet 003 23 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6638 Rizza and Malal

One of my personal favourites:

IMG 6670 1 Rizza and Malal

So, Malal wanted some nice Fall colours and I saw this great laneway. What you’re not seeing in the photo is the “No Trespassing” and “Beware of Dogs” signs. whoops!

IMG 6724 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6737 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6746 1 Rizza and Malal

Rizza had to get in there and try out some poses too!

ContactSheet 004 15 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6703 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6684 1 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6685 1 Rizza and Malal

And then on to the reception site for a few more photos!

ContactSheet 005 13 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6679 2 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6798 1 1 Rizza and Malal

Nothing I like better than blowing veils!

IMG 6712 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6739 1 Rizza and Malal

Stunning bride!

IMG 6749 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6763 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6798 Rizza and Malal

And let’s look inside this beautiful Moroccan themed reception – gorgeously decorated!

IMG 6831 Rizza and Malal

Yes, this is the cake. yumm…….

IMG 6700 1 Rizza and Malal

Cool centrepieces

IMG 6670 2 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6816 Rizza and Malal

I’m in love with this

IMG 6820 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6826 Rizza and Malal

Then in the one part, they had a station set up for the henna tattoo artist to henna the guests. How cool is this. Oh – and Malal made the pillows herself. I looooooove these and think that my house needs some of this colour! Love!

IMG 6772 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6771 1 Rizza and Malal

IMG 6682 1 Rizza and Malal

Celebrating life and love,


October 20, 2008 Dockray Family

I had recently photographed Matt and Laura’s family with her side of the family – now it was his side of the family’s turn! With Matt & Laura’s 3 daughters and Lisa’s daughter Samantha – these are 4 adorable cousins! And they just adore each other! Lots of fun!

IMG 6351 Dockray Family

IMG 6363 Dockray Family

IMG 6333 Dockray Family

IMG 6350 Dockray Family

IMG 6352 Dockray Family

IMG 6361 Dockray Family

IMG 6385 Dockray Family

IMG 6388 Dockray Family

IMG 6377 Dockray Family

IMG 6399 1 Dockray Family

IMG 6399 Dockray Family

IMG 6401 Dockray Family

IMG 6428 Dockray Family

IMG 6411 Dockray Family

IMG 6416 Dockray Family

IMG 6448 3 Dockray Family

IMG 6440 Dockray Family

IMG 6444 1 Dockray Family

IMG 6539 Dockray Family

IMG 6499 Dockray Family

IMG 6502 Dockray Family

IMG 6507 1 Dockray Family

IMG 6541 Dockray Family

IMG 6475 1 Dockray Family

Celebrating life and love,


October 20, 2008 Bob & Jen

I am in love with October weddings! Last weekend and this weekend could not have been better!!! Gorgeous leaves, weather and couple!

Bob and Jen
had a wonderful day from their ceremony at Heritage Green Presbyterian to their reception at Heron Point Golf Course. We had a lot of fun around the grounds at the golf course (although a bit chilly as we whipped along in the golf carts!) and celebrating with the happy couple!

ContactSheet 001 42 Bob & Jen

IMG 1953 Bob & Jen

IMG 1967 Bob & Jen

IMG 5001 Bob & Jen

IMG 5005 Bob & Jen

Jen and her adorable nephew Colson

IMG 1991 Bob & Jen

IMG 5060 Bob & Jen

IMG 5130 Bob & Jen

IMG 2018 Bob & Jen

IMG 5382 1 Bob & Jen

IMG 5299 Bob & Jen

IMG 5275 Bob & Jen

IMG 2133 Bob & Jen

IMG 5375 Bob & Jen

IMG 2174 Bob & Jen

IMG 5318 Bob & Jen

IMG 5355 Bob & Jen

IMG 2207 Bob & Jen

IMG 2229 Bob & Jen

IMG 2235 Bob & Jen

IMG 2282 Bob & Jen

IMG 2264 Bob & Jen

IMG 2291 Bob & Jen

IMG 5410 Bob & Jen

IMG 2307 1 Bob & Jen

IMG 2305 Bob & Jen

Have an amazing time in Tahiti on your cruise!!!

Celebrating life and love,


October 20, 2008 Matthew is One

I love when I am able to photograph a family repeatedly – it was fun to photograph Leslie’s maternity photos last year, and then Matthew’s newborn photos and now his one year photos! Dan and Leslie could not adore their little guy more – even before he was born, these two were smitten! Matthew is so darn cute – when I came home I told Mark this kid should be modeling – he is perfect! See for yourself…

I just love when kids are learning to walk and about to fall at every step

ContactSheet 001 41 Matthew is One

IMG 4870 Matthew is One

IMG 4939 Matthew is One

IMG 1549 Matthew is One

IMG 1514 Matthew is One

IMG 1572 Matthew is One

IMG 1673 Matthew is One

IMG 1660 Matthew is One

IMG 1716 Matthew is One

ContactSheet 002 28 Matthew is One

IMG 4920 Matthew is One

IMG 4892 Matthew is One

IMG 1694 Matthew is One

IMG 1781 Matthew is One

IMG 1798 Matthew is One

IMG 1810 Matthew is One

And they brought his Halloween costume along – could he be any cuter????

IMG 1929 Matthew is One

ContactSheet 001a 27 Matthew is One

Celebrating life and love,