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September 30, 2008 Ted & Yvonne

This weekend turned out to be a gorgeous fall weekend for a wedding! Ted & Yvonne were married in Oakville at one of the beautiful old churches by the Lakeshore – before heading to the Old Barber House for a beautiful reception!

ContactSheet 004 11 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8000 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8612 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8016 Ted & Yvonne

ContactSheet 001 31 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8032 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8048 Ted & Yvonne

Loved how he strutted into the church! So confident!

IMG 8069 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8180 Ted & Yvonne

Loved these stolen moments during a serious ceremony….
IMG 8156 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8212 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8158 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8321 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8425 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8435 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8445 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8447 Ted & Yvonne

Could these kids be any cuter?

IMG 8546 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8560 Ted & Yvonne

IMG 8568 Ted & Yvonne

And can’t forget the yummy dessert!!!! mmm…..

ContactSheet 003 19 Ted & Yvonne

Celebrating life and love,


September 25, 2008 Kyle & Megan

Last Friday was the perfect late summer day – and what better way to celebrate it than with a wedding of two people completely smitten with each other!!

I started with Kyle getting ready. He had the wrong jacket sent to him – oops! – but he still looked dapper as we waited for the right jacket to arrive!

ContactSheet 001 30 Kyle & Megan

00 3 6 Kyle & Megan

Kyle and his side of the wedding party…

00 6 5 Kyle & Megan

00 5 4 Kyle & Megan

Then off to Megan’s parents house! Megan is so much fun!! And I fell in love with her dog as you can see…

00 7 4 Kyle & Megan

00 10 5 Kyle & Megan

00 12 3 Kyle & Megan

00 13 1 Kyle & Megan

The girls!

00 15 2 Kyle & Megan

00 16 1 Kyle & Megan

The adorable dog!

00 9 5 Kyle & Megan

00 14 1 Kyle & Megan

And off to the ceremony!

00 21 2 Kyle & Megan

I love when there are bag pipes at the wedding!

00 26 3 Kyle & Megan

After the ceremony we played with the gorgeous window light at the church and then out in the apple orchard in the church’s yard!

00 28 3 Kyle & Megan

ContactSheet 002 20 Kyle & Megan

00 34 2 Kyle & Megan

ContactSheet 001a 18 Kyle & Megan

00 41 2 Kyle & Megan

00 42 2 Kyle & Megan

ContactSheet 004 10 Kyle & Megan

ContactSheet 005 8 Kyle & Megan

ContactSheet 002a 2 Kyle & Megan

00 49 2 Kyle & Megan

Then we found a great old meadow to play in too!

00 53 2 Kyle & Megan

00 52 2 Kyle & Megan

00 57 2 Kyle & Megan

00 61 2 Kyle & Megan

Thank you both for letting us be a part of your special day!!

Celebrating life and love,


September 22, 2008 Thank You!

I have much to blog about – Friday’s wedding, Madison’s birthday today… but I wanted to take a quick moment to thank YOU!

When I started the business my goal was by 2008 to be nominated in the Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Not win – just nominated. There are so many talented photographers in our area!

So I was blown away last year when we not only were nominated but won awards in four categories:

-New Business
-Photography Studio
-Local Artist

Shock does not go far enough!!

Well, it’s that time again! And we are ecstatic to have word that we are up for three awards this year (guess we can’t be nominated for New Business again – ha ha).

Voting end this Thursday – if you have time and consider us vote worthy… please take a minute and vote for us, we’d appreciate that! We are nominated in these categories:

Best Local Artist and Best Photographer:

Best Photography Studio:

Thank you so much!

Celebrating life and love….


September 22, 2008 Illman Family

I have a couple families that I shoot annually – I LOVE this! Kids change sooooo much in a year! Take the Illman family here – last year Connor was a baby – and now he’s a toddler with a head full or curls! So cute! We had a fun time playing and reconnecting!

IMG 6764 Illman Family

IMG 6778 Illman Family

IMG 6697 Illman Family

IMG 6885 Illman Family

IMG 6876 Illman Family

Caitlin – such a beautiful young lady and big sister!

ContactSheet 001l 1 Illman Family

IMG 6802 Illman Family

IMG 6867 Illman Family

IMG 6892 2 Illman Family

Erin – she reminded me so much of my Eden in looks! She is a doll, and I love how once she warms up those dimples just come out in full force!

ContactSheet 001 29 Illman Family

ContactSheet 004 9 Illman Family

IMG 6911 Illman Family

And Connor – being the one who has changed the most and with the least amount of photos to his name, we concentrated mostly on him.

ContactSheet 002 19 Illman Family

ContactSheet 003 18 Illman Family

IMG 6897 Illman Family

IMG 6899 Illman Family

IMG 6874 Illman Family

I’ll leave you with this fun photo:

Untitled 1 1 Illman Family

A fun day!!!

Celebrating life and love,


September 22, 2008 Andrew, Andrea & family

Last Sunday was one of the crazy weather days… you know it’s going to pour… but when? We decided still to go ahead with Andrew & Andrea’s photos and I’m glad we did! I know Andrea through our kids – Eden and MaryAnn are the ages – but it’s always so fun to see the family together! William and I usually just pass each other on the playground – but at the shoot we “clicked” and he was my bud. So cute!!!

This was the first shot out of my camera of the shoot… dad and son hand in hand. So sweet.

IMG 6752f Andrew, Andrea & family

And then we were off and running! I always let kids just “play” before we start being too serious… they get use to me (and start to ignore the camera) and begin to loosen up. It was fun to see these two chasing each other!

ContactSheet 001 28 Andrew, Andrea & family

And still take time to stop and smell the flowers!

IMG 6518 Andrew, Andrea & family

Let me properly introduce you to MaryAnn…

IMG 6509 Andrew, Andrea & family

IMG 6523 Andrew, Andrea & family

IMG 6484 1 Andrew, Andrea & family

And William….

IMG 6526 Andrew, Andrea & family

IMG 6558 Andrew, Andrea & family

IMG 6639 Andrew, Andrea & family

I know it’s not always this way, but man are these two cute together!

IMG 6589 2 Andrew, Andrea & family

IMG 6679 Andrew, Andrea & family

And the whole family!

IMG 6605 Andrew, Andrea & family

And this is how most of the shoot went – ha ha!!

IMG 6626 Andrew, Andrea & family

So much love!!!

IMG 6770 Andrew, Andrea & family

Celebrating life and love,


September 18, 2008 Matt & Amber

Amber and I met a few months ago to book her wedding – right from day one I liked this girl! She had me laughing and was so laid back! Even her emails had me chucking – got to love a good sense of humour. So I was looking forward to our engagement shoot – and to meeting the men in her life – Matt and her puppy Samson!

Matt wanted a more “formal” look for the engagement shoot, where Amber is more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. So we did both! We went to Matt’s favourite winery in Niagara region (Henry of Pelham), and had a lot of fun! The staff was so great – they already knew Samson and his parents… and were so helpful to me too! Thanks!

IMG 6238 Matt & Amber

IMG 6232 Matt & Amber

IMG 6341 Matt & Amber

Inside there was a gorgeous art collection – and they let us have the upstairs space to shoot!

IMG 6284 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6500 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6507 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6303 1 Matt & Amber

IMG 6448 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6442 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6444 2 Matt & Amber

ContactSheet 001aa 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6464 Matt & Amber

IMG 6455 Matt & Amber

IMG 6491 1 Matt & Amber

aContactSheet 002 Matt & Amber

ContactSheet 001a 17 Matt & Amber

IMG 6467 Matt & Amber

IMG 6460 Matt & Amber

IMG 6542 Matt & Amber

Then we went into the barrel room – Matt was in his glory! It was nice to be in a cool place after the warm humidity outside though!

IMG 6616 3 Matt & Amber

IMG 6568 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6573 2 Matt & Amber

IMG 6600 2 Matt & Amber

ContactSheet 003a 1 Matt & Amber

Then it was a change of clothes and time to go play!

IMG 6417 1 Matt & Amber

IMG 6438 Matt & Amber

IMG 6446 Matt & Amber

IMG 6475 Matt & Amber

IMG 6481 Matt & Amber

IMG 6472 Matt & Amber

And we can’t forget Samson!!

IMG 6217 Matt & Amber

IMG 6475 2 Matt & Amber

Celebrating life and love,


September 13, 2008 Eden's First Day

Yesterday my baby started school – how did she get to be old enough? She was just born!!

Eden was soooo excited to start school – the SAME school as Madi. Does life get any better? The two things Eden was most excited about was: 1) Having snack at school and 2) When I picked her up she was going to run over to me and say “Mom, can I play on the creative (the playground)?” That is what excited this kid and I’m happy to report but things happened.

Eden was at the back of the line since she was trying to cheer up a friend who was nervous. When Eden’s teacher said it was time to go in – Eden bolted it – elbowed her way right to the front of the line. I was a bit sad thinking “that’s it?” When I saw her sneak back out, past the principal and teacher and she gave me a big hug, kissing hand and an “I love you”. How did she know I needed that?

Eden insisted on wearing a pink highlight in her hair…
She’s so darn cute!

ContactSheet 002 17 Eden's First Day

And excited!

ContactSheet 003 16 Eden's First Day

Madi promised to show her the ropes.

IMG 6321 Eden's First Day

ContactSheet 004 7 Eden's First Day

Time to go – excitement is building to a near frenzy!

ContactSheet 005 6 Eden's First Day

I know this photo isn’t in focus (one on the right) but you can see her at the back of the line on the photo on the left and then making a break for it on the right (she’s the blur of hair right behind the teacher)!

ContactSheet 006 5 Eden's First Day

And she’s off….

IMG 6337 Eden's First Day

September 12, 2008 Tobin and family

It is always fun when I get to photograph a child in stages – I have had the fun of photographing Tobin in the womb, as a newborn and now at almost 6 months old! I ahveto say – this kid is CUTE! So happy and smiliy and sweet!!! He really reminded me of Eden at this age – and I was getting all sentimental since my baby Eden started kindergarten today. Where is my 6 month old like Tobin I can toss in the air effortlessly and marvel at when she claps? I am so thrilled that Kris and MArtha are doting parents who are savouring each milestone alongside Tobin. Here’s a look at this great family!

When I got there he was fast asleep….

IMG 5413 Tobin and family

IMG 6119 Tobin and family

But soon he was awake for cuddles and playing!

ContactSheet 007 1 Tobin and family

This is how a mom kisses a baby….

IMG 5519 Tobin and family

This is how a baby kisses mom…

ContactSheet 001 24 Tobin and family

Here Tobin is showing us how much his mommy and daddy love him…. as if he’s saying “this much!!!”

IMG 5508 Tobin and family

Such a sweet family!

IMG 5484 Tobin and family

Then we’re off to play outside…. saw this great field on the drive to their house. So we wandered over to play…. Had to make some of tehse a vintage feel…. the pictures asked me to!

IMG 5528 Tobin and family

IMG 5548 Tobin and family

ContactSheet 004 6 Tobin and family

ContactSheet 003 15 Tobin and family

IMG 5649 Tobin and family

And some with the full colour!

IMG 5567 Tobin and family

IMG 5595 Tobin and family

IMG 5617 Tobin and family

IMG 5626 Tobin and family

ANd then we headed back to their own yard…

IMG 6257 Tobin and family

IMG 6286 Tobin and family

IMG 6188 Tobin and family

ContactSheet 001a 16 Tobin and family

ContactSheet 005 5 Tobin and family

ContactSheet 006 4 Tobin and family

And some freedom!!!

IMG 6196 Tobin and family

IMG 6206 Tobin and family

IMG 6214 Tobin and family

Celebrating life and love,


September 12, 2008 Dentist Office

In December last year I had photographed Juno’s family – they were so fun to photograph! Then yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph Juno at his work for their dentist office’s website. Patrick and himself have got to be two of the nicest guys! And they have their family’s photographs and their kids drawings ever! It is such a homey, relaxed feel to the office!

The guys were a bit nervous about embarking on their modeling career – but I think they did pretty good! If you’re in the Kitchener area and need a dentist – let me introduce you to my recommendation…

Dr. Patrick Winter

ContactSheet 002 16 Dentist Office

Dr. Juno Park

ContactSheet 001 25 Dentist Office

The Office

IMG 6101 Dentist Office

So come on in and have a seat!!!

IMG 5382 Dentist Office

September 12, 2008 Dads

Today I had two photo shoots – photos to follow soon….. But on my drive home (stuck in a traffic jam gives you lots of time to think) I was thinking about dads.

In too many homes there is not a dad – or a good example of what a father can and should be. I remember in high school realizing that I was in the minority having a loving, caring dad in my life and going one step further – in my home. I am way too blessed with two great parents I adore and I try to never take that for granted.

Today my first shoot was one for a dentist’s office for their website. The two dentists had their offices full of crafts and drawings from their young kids. When I asked about their kids, a smile broke out on their faces and they could talk about their kids as if they knew them intimately. Love that! you could just see they adore their kids without their kids even being around.

Then I went to a photo shoot for a 6 month old. I’ve snapped this family’s maternity and newborn photos as well – and let’s just say this is one dad who is smitten!! He adores his little guy and wife so much! It is beautiful to watch.

Then I come home to my own Mr. Mom who is such a great dad to our girls. Unbelievably good.

So, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy about dads today and I come home and was blog hopping and saw this great ad on one of the blogs I read (“Heart of the Matter“) that just summed up my day….


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